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Visual Composer Missing WYSIWYG editor in Text Block

edited January 2017 in Visual Composer
This is my first time using BeTheme because a client liked one of the designs. It looked like it had decent documentation and was supported. There are a few themes I have used for clients that have Visual Composer included and they all look and function differently based on the theme.

When I insert a text box into a row the text box is not functional and is missing the WYSIWYG editor. 

Notice the lack of WYSIWYG on the Visual tab? I mean there's text there, I even took another screenshot to show you. That's another problem - the text always shows up white! I almost get the feeling that Muffin Group is forcing customers to adopt their tools and not tools like Visual Composer. Which brings up another issue I'm having with the Visual Composer/Muffin Builder debacle. There should be a way of disabling Muffin Builder so it doesn't conflict with Visual Composer. It took hours to figure out all the settings in both Muffin Builder and Muffin Options menus to finally get VC working the way I wanted it to. There should be one button. Do you want to use Visual Composer or Muffin Builder? 

Back to the problem at hand... 

Are there any known issues with the BeTheme stripping out functionality from Visual Composer or similar problem? If so how can I overcome the obstacle? 

The [XXX] theme that I typically use (not affiliated BTW) works great with Visual Composer and has a nice skin and predictable functionality. 

The themes with the most notable problems, I've noticed, are the ones that try and make their customers use their own custom builders that emulate Visual Composer. 

Would really appreciate if someone knew a way around this issue, I want to like this theme but it's tough when I'm feeling so limited. 

Thanks all! 


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  • @muffingroup, thank you for replying.

    This was a clean WP install with only the plugins that your theme requires - nothing else. I even deactivated the slider plugins that are bundled with the theme. 

    I'm confused by your recommendation. Why would I switch to the default WP theme to get the WYSIWYG editor to work in Visual Composer when it should work with the BeTheme – it says it supports Visual Composer and is bundled with the theme. 

    As an expert theme developer, what you are recommending, is to use the WP default theme if I'm going to use Visual Composer - not the BeTheme. 

    My goal is to use a fully functional version of Visual Composer with the theme I purchased. 

    Can you help support this issue? 
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  • This user is right!!!

    Please be professional in your response. I am ALSO experiencing the same thing. The WP WYSIWYG editor is GONE.!!
  • @er777

    I didn’t even bother responding to their last reply because unlike most theme support, these guys don’t want to offer a real solution to fix bugs in their code or resolve conflicts that impact customers.

    Taking their advice, I removed WordPress, the BeTheme and all its related plugins. After that everything worked perfectly. :))

    Their proposed solution is not a solution at all. It’s a gamble and it takes up an enormous amount of time. I ended up nuking BeTheme after this because there was no way my I would hand off a product that my client couldnt edit. Building a custom theme using ACF made more sense. I still have one last client running BeTheme and I’ll phase out support for the theme eventually. How can I support something that doesn’t support me?

    I feel for you. Impreza is a good theme. Great support too.

    Good luck!

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  • edited August 2018
    This error is still persistent even for us. I do not see any solution : Running this line  in wp-config kinda takes care of things: define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false); Has this issue been addressed at all???
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  • all this was done and didnt help at all
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  • Did your WYSIWYG editor disappear? - -  YES!!
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