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Images will all of a sudden not show when posting on facebook and Google +

edited November 2018 in Theme support

Images when posting on Google plus will all of a sudden not show. It has been working just fine before, but not now. I think it has something to do with my website schema, but I don't now. What's the problem?



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  • That did not work. 
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  • Ok. Now i've sent you nessary information. 
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  • edited November 2018
    When you  have had access to my wordpress account you have changed the language, and now it will not change back. Can you tell what you have been doing here? The right language is set in Settings >> General, but still I have the wrong language. 

    This is rather irritating...
  • Of course I've set an image for every single post. That is not the problem here. 
  • Ok, it's fixed!
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  • edited November 2018
    Images will still not show when posting on facebook or Google +. I've followed procedures as described above. This problem occurs on other devices too. This problem startet after 11.11, for which reason I do not now. 

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  • Ok. I cannot open your printscreen links. Google plus share is in upper right corner of website, and on the right hand side in footer. 
  • So you get image to links when clicking on facebook share inside post? Mine is blank, just text. 
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  • Hi Pablo, I am having the same issue when sharing to facebook. I get no image. I found the issue was related to share this. The url adds a 2f% (replacing the / at the end of url) I contacted share this They have said the following:

    In your case, the extra "%2f" is "/" when being translated which may be a normal behavior from your website builder so, adding a small script on your site in order for your web builder's mechanism not to add that extra "%2f" at the end or just for you to be able to delete that as well directly from your script.

    Another available workaround is for you to manually add the data-url parameter to your buttons' instances in order for you to be able to send your URL without the last "/".
    You can customize the data being shared through your buttons by adding them attributes as if they are Custom Share Buttons, for example, if you wish to share a specific image you can craft your Inline Share Buttons' <div> tag to be: <div class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons" data-image="imageURL"></div>. 

    I find that only the classic share buttons work the simple does not share anymore. They have also told me that the code i have is outdated and they highly recommend updating it. Could you please tell me how to remove the 2f% (/) from the code so it can reappear. The issue started occurring after ShareThis changed their SSL certificate. Their response: 

    Brandon Sun (ShareThis) 

    Nov 6, 8:27 AM PST 

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the delay!
    We’re currently in the process of updating our SSL certification and all links pointing from should be up and running shortly.

    Additionally, you’re currently using a very old and outdated plugin of ShareThis that is no longer updated. For a better experience and faster buttons we recommend updating to the latest version of our ShareThis buttons.
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  • edited December 2018
    I have tried share this on other devices, with same result. I've also installed other share this plugins, and no images will show. Obviously, support, you don't know what's causing this, or what? Would have been nice to solve this. 
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