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Can't use WP reset AND 404 page errors

2 problems.

1) I cannot activate ANY WP Reset plug ins. I can install them, but it says “not supported” when trying to activate it. It also says “this plugin deletes data and is not supported by”. So when I load additional pre-built websites all the data stacks and it becomes a mess when I’m just trying to tinker around with all of them and see what works best for my site.

2) Since I couldn’t do that I tried seeing what “reset to default” does in the “Back up and Reset” section. Now my site can’t even load. Everything is 404 error. I can’t even edit it or load new templates.


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    Sorry but that was not helpful at all and a little redundant. BeTheme itself is recommending me to install that EXACT plug-in both when I am trying to install a pre-built template AND in the video you just linked. Yet it says "not supported".

    And I obviously know how to switch to a new template. That's not the issue. The issue is everything is 404'd now even if I switch templates.
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    Yeah... and that's the one I'm talking about. 

    I will have to perform a charge back if this is not resolved, because clearly all the guides are saying to download that plugin (and you even recommended it AGAIN), yet it is not even compatible. Neither are any alternative plugins. But stop talking about "third party plugins" because that is only even in the mix because the one recommended doesn't even work.

    You seem to be confused about what is happening, and probably because you can't fathom why I'm having difficulties when all the BeTheme support guides say to do XYZ. That is the problem I'm having... It DOES NOT WORK. I don't care what the guides say because it is not working. I know what the guide says to do. It doesn't work.

    When trying to activate it using check box and drop down menu:

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  • I am hosting on namecheap and using domain mapping.
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    So how can I fix the 404 problem? If I can't use the plugin how do I at least manually fix the 404 error?

    So what if I pay for something like Bluehost and the problem continues what will you tell me after I've wasted even more money?

    Mind you I only bought a Wordpress business 1 year plan to use your theme... Can't say I'm impressed so far...

    Also the site is being hosted on Wordpress and I am merely using the domain I have purchased from namecheap via domain mapping... So you're seriously telling me the tutorial wants me to use a plugin that Wordpress does not even support? And I have to contact them myself to somehow get them to fix it? Give me a break, this is 100% a theme issue if the theme is suggesting me to do download it and is broken otherwise.

    I can't even install a theme now my whole website is 404'd. If it did work, I can't even switch themes without it getting messed up and you're providing absolutely zero workaround or solution. THIS IS A THEME PROBLEM.

    I am wasting hours of my time trying to fix this while my business' website is down and after a week this is the best you can come up with? Ridiculous. 
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    Did you even bother to visit the site? There's 404 error on every page...

    And even if plugin is still disabled on every theme, are you seriously telling me that your theme has been created to NOT be able to work on Wordpress hosting? The very same platform you built the theme for? Come on...

    This is the worst support ever. I have to contact Wordpress? You built the theme for it. Find a way to have your theme work on the platform.

    I will be contacting VISA this afternoon. This is absurd.
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