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how can i change "Read More" button to "More Details" ?



  • how Limit Post Titles in Theme settings ?

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  • First of all , thank
    you for your replay :\">

    Fine if its not
    possible , but remember some one will use these theme for magazine or news web
    site and it should have it

    For example I'm
    crating my news web site built by your products and I was switch from Microsoft and now the UI and UX of my project is not good at all because of that feature

    My news title
    sometimes is about 80 or 120 character and changing the Heading is not fix my




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  • maybe you right
    i know its not related to betheme and its from wordpress,but if you know something please help me
    i need remove the title of below picture


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  • Thank you Bryan , 

    and what now ?
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  • i send it before on another Discusion

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  • Hello Bryan,

    Thank you for your replay,

    For the final question I will send you full my request,

    First of all, I need crate page like this example , Dear Pablo help me to create
    the picture and removing padding and set the background color, but in these
    example we see some text that are alien and in the row with near with color ,
    some of are bold and some are not, I need to crate exactly like that


    Second: I have many videos and I want to show that in my
    home page and when my customers click that, they redirect to the Gallery page,
    Pablo told me create BLOG TEASER, and I did, but the video dos not played and
    the are invisible till you hover it! I really need that. is not matter how to
    put it on my home page, I just need put it like these example


    Third: do you have any document that you collected for css
    and js code to fix something special in your theme?

    Fourth: what is “BeTheme Header Builder” plugins used for? or are there important?

    Wpbackery is so heavy and
    you have muffin builder, I think I don’t need that, is that important and I have
    to install or I can remove from my web site?

    Fifth: these video come
    from YouTube , can I set theme in my page exactly like these link and picture ? I think with Slider revolution
    it can m I’m not sure, of cures you have better solution that I have.

    My page

    Best Regards


  • Hello
    Dear support team , i know you are busy and every day you'v got many comments 
    but i have no time and i need your help Instantly 
    Please give me solution's 
    i'm waiting for you

  • edited April 2019
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  • edited April 2019
    Hello to , 

    Thank you very much.
    my web site is almost ready,but its not still online, i'm using offline
  • Hello 

    the number 2 is not working !
    i have test it in many ways

    now what ? 

    i need something to show video like the Blog Teaser . Please tell or advise me how to create something like that picture i send it before.

    do you have any plan to add in next updates ?

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  • edited May 2019

    what dos it mean?

    Version 21.1.8

     New features
    • Lightbox - YouTube nocookie
    • Lightbox - YouTube - Short link
    • Pre-built website: Transport 2, IT Service 2

    is that work for blog teaser?
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  • Hi

    1-i want to disable permanently these options , in theme options i was disabled but its showing theme.

    2-i have many categories but i want to show only some of them in the sidebar , what should i do ?

    3-and how add the download and share button link for the video i have upload to my pages? 
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  • thank you, i was made mistake. with your help i solve the problem

    * i need select multiple categories to show , in  "Muffin Recent Posts" widget only show one category 
    * is there any option to change the position and style of arrow key ?
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  • Thank you
    i found another solution, i use new WP Categories Widget

  • i want to hide these items to

    and do you know how can i force all my post to be justify by default ( left to right and be justify) 
    i'm using advanced tinymce plugin for justifying the content in posts
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  • fine.
    Thank you
  • Hi
    how import Layer Slider themeplate "Vintage Photos" ?
    it's giving me the warning ... !

    i had problem in slider revelation and i ask them in themeforest,they told me you have to support this plugins , is that true?
  • Hi

    in portfolio items when i want to add new post and format in video ( i couldn't find that, you forgot add it to your custom posts 

    and for viewsing my gallery i found essential-grid plugin
    that's awsome
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