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sidebars get exchanged on themselves

This happened to me many times and is extremely problematic. This causes huge navigation problems and can't be easily detected, I just have to check website manually. I use different sidebars on different sub-pages. Every now and then I find out that certain pages that used to have sidebar A, now have sidebar B. Usually all the pages that had sidebar X, after some event get switched to another, sidebar Y. It is very hard to tell what initiates this switches. I have two candidates:

1. Just two days ago I added new sidebar ('mainpage') in theme options, then configured its widget and changed option for page 'main page'. I changed it from 'no sidebar' to 'right sidebar' with 'mainpage' sidebar. Everything is fine, except that today I realized one sub-page ( with left sidebar 'dzialaj' got switched and now has left sidebar 'mainpage'. I fixed it.
2. In the past I think we got o total mix-up of sidebars on our pages, when we changed the order of elements in main menu. Or moved one subpage from one main category to another. Lets say we have category 'A' and all the pages in it have sidebar 'A'. Also, category 'B' with 'B' sidebars. Now we change one page from 'mother' A to B. Then we would just have to change the sidebar from A to B, but this caused random changes of all the sidebar, sometime on whole webpage!

This has happened at least 10 times in last year. Each time we have to reconfigure some or all the pages. The above mentioned causes may be false, problem may be somewhere else. But id definitely exists. Sidebars set on a webpage should never change on their own! Are we correct? There should be absolutely no situation, when a sidebar changes on its own. The only reason may be the deletion of the sidebar.

Are You aware of this problem? Our website:


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  • No, we're talking only about pages. Our posts don't have sidebars at all. Example: This 'page' without any edits, somehow got another sidebar, called 'mainpage'. Which I created 2 days ago and assigned temporarily to the main mage (at this point main page once doesn't have sidebar). What I am telling is that at some point, during creating of new sidebars in theme options, adjusting widgets or altering 'mother pages' or menu elements - sidebars of some pages get changed, without any action of a user.
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  • I sent the data. This is one of these problems, that is difficult to provide a specific path to recreate. However, we encountered it many times, sidebars on pages beeing switched without any user actions.
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  • If I counted how many times i've seen this word 'it is not possible' from IT companies and then it turns out to be a bug... :) It doesn't have to be inherited to be a problem. There might be some trigger or other problem. I am the only administrator on this website and I can tell you 100% that it happened automatically. These pages with switched sidebars were not edited at all.
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  • I don't know how to recreate the problem. Next time it will happen - I still won't know what caused it. You could just check every sql command connected with sidebars. Where is information about sidebar assiocited with page stored, in wp_postmeta? To find the problem you might set up a trigger that would save some information in separate problem. It would give some analytical data.
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  • OK, please check this page:

    According to wordpress it was last updated 11 months ago (you can check it). Then how is this possible, that we can see (on the left) a sidebar that was created about a week ago? This page should have the same sidebar as all the pages from this main menu category, like this one:

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  • Could you please tell me, where the information about sidebar is stored? I will look for potential problems myself.
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  • I meant the database. Where sidebars are associated to posts or pages
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  • I am not going to change anything in the database, just look for the cause of the problem. wp_options doesn't get updated, when I change sidebar on page - I checked it. Please, tell me where is the connection between page and sidebar stored.
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  • Sidebar is a standard functionality of wordpress. However, having different sidebars on each page/post is not. Standard wordpress allowes to set a sidebar for whole theme. Custom sidebars on each page/post requires custom code of plugins/themes. And problem is exactly in this fragment - connection between pages and sidebars. Therefore problem is somewhere in a solution designed by You. It might be caused by other plugins, that is why I would like to check it (if You decline), just tell me where the connection is stored.
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