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On 24th of May we released version 23 where new Muffin Builder 3 has been added. If you have any suggestions regarding the new builder, please leave them all here so we may keep an eye on most important things. We promise to consider each of your suggestion.

Thank you in advance for any feedback!



  • Hello, in version 23 several nice features have been added (possibility to copy&paste one section, collapse section, name of the anchor on the section bar, visual differentiation between normal and full-width content ...) Nevertheless, I must state that Muffin Builder version 22 was very clear and fast tool for building websites. In version 23 it is no longer so completely.

    - The builder's user interface is much less clear, all lines are extremely thin. The Divider element is almost invisible.

    - Builder is significantly slower, probably due to animations. I compared the change in the order of the two columns - in version 22.0.3: immediately, in version 23: 2.5 seconds. Several times the builder's page loaded completely without icons.

    - Working with the builder is also slower because it is necessary to first call up the icon so that it is possible to click on it.

  • Thank you for your feedback @MartinL-CZ. Right now, we are working on additional option for new Muffin Builder to make some elements similar to previous version. Bar with icons would be visible all the time instead on hover and some elements should be also more similar to previous one. While, we can not agree that new Muffin Builder is less clear (this has been discussed with many developers and tested by them), we understand that some users do not like changes and need time to switch to a new layout.

    According to your another statement about speed, this has been tested by us on many different devices and new Muffin Builder is definitely much faster than previous one. This sounds like you maybe still old version is cached on your side or it might be related with your 3rd party addons. If you would like us to have a closer look on it, please send us private message via contact form on the right hand side at

  • Only a handful of minutes in and I can say it is much faster than the previous version. Much softer on the eyes. I for one support changes. Thanks for the hard work the team put into this. Very happy for revisions addition, but have yet to figure out how to use it. Haven't looked at the docs yet.

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    When using a large image (1920 px wide) in the image builder block, it's overlapping other builder items and makes using the builder clunky.

    All of a sudden I can no longer view any changes through the page Preview. It only shows a blank page with the header and footer.

    When using a Post with the featured image, it's now displaying the featured image cropped at the top of the post, when it wasn't previously there. (I haven't dug into this yet to see if there is a setting that needs to be adjusted.)

    Overall I think this will be a great move, I just wasn't expecting it and it caused a few hiccups on a client site before it was caught.

  • Where we can find "text editor"?

    After update I have only classic "Column", without option bar and code highliter.

  • @gorelog Thank you for the kind words! ;)

    @cdiforest Problem with overlapping images in Muffin Builder has been fixed in yesterday's update. Please make sure, you use 23.0.1 version.

    The preview works on 100% thus if something does not work as supposed to on your end, it might be caused by many different factors. In such case, please send us private request with WP dashboard access and further details via contact form on the right at so we can have a closer look on it.

    @penkalad This is Column item. And yes, it does have option bar and code highlighter. We suggest to clear cache on your end but if this won't help, disable 3rd party add-ons to make sure one of them is not the culprit.

  • Ok, on other site it works after update, but on one site editor doesn't work. In code i have class disabled:

    Where I can enable editor or why it is disabled. I tested the editor with plugins turned off - no changes.

  • There is default WordPress option under user's settings to disable Visual Editor and Syntax Highlighting.

  • Thank you, it works!

  • I totally agree here!! We use Betheme because it is fast. the new design is much slower to work with:


    • In the column box we want to mark a text as p of as h1. Before it was one click. Now it is a click on the dropdown, going to the option and another click.
    • Before you could add a green box by clicking on a large area. Now it is a super tiny Icon that only appears when hovering.
    • Elements in the theme options and builder area are much more spread. This means we need to scroll more, specially on smaller screens.
    • Some of our clients are using the muffin builder. Please add a updated fall back version so they can still get updates but can use the old builder. Teaching all existing clients the new (more messy and not clearer) layout is something we would want to avoid.

    On our side speed is the crucial factor when building websites. Besides new features which are nice we need a fast and clear tool to build websites. Version 23 is not clear and not fast :S

    We use betheme here a lot. There is no harm asking / showing us a beta before rolling out a major update (without any communication) and seeing how it goes. I can see you spend a lot of time into this but this means you already could use some "fresh eyes" on some issues. You have a great community here who would be glad to feedback I am sure. I also understand that you cannot make it perfect for everybody. But this means to me focussing on the user group that is working with your theme a lot (hence buying more than one license) and in a second step thinking of new clients who use it to build on website. This can be seen by adding the little i as a info which activates on hover - only for user who do not work a lot with betheme :)

  • In a nutshell - make it as fast to be used as the old version and we <3 it :-)

  • @meinemarke24 Did you saw the most recent version? We've already 2 options that makes current Muffin Builder look very similar to the old one but based on much better engine that is significantly faster. These options are: Simple View and Hover Effects. You can find them in Muffin Builder settings.

  • I love the new version. It ts very well...

    One question for a new feature.

    "Import & Export of content or single sections "

    How it works? I what to copy a single section, but I don't understand how. To you have a documantation?


  • Hi, we noticed that if the price sections (but also those with icons etc.) if there are no items inside, the muffin sets 2 items by default and this is very annoying because you have to delete them every time before updating the page.

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    Unfortunately we do not have any documentation nor tutorial for this feature, but if you want to copy section, we recommend to use the following feature instead

    The Export / Import option you've mentioned above should be used mainly to export/import the content of whole pages.

  • There are 2 small problems that I described in this video (I hope my English is understandable):

    1. Can't clear the color filed when the color picker is opened.
    2. The position of the field changes if the color picker is opened at the end of a section.
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    Seems like the problem must be definitely on your end because we've checked this on our end and none of what you described does happen on our end. We strongly recommend to clear cache but if this won't help, disable all 3rd party add-ons as one of them might be the reason of above 😉

  • Where can I find the SEO>>Builder button to use a SEO plugin?

    For the old Muffin Builder it is described here.

    I cant find a description for the new one.


  • I join the requirement of meinemarke24 that users who purchase a significant number of licenses be invited to beta testing.

    I really appreciate your work at Betheme. Please consider the voice of loyal users. Who else but the one who works with Betheme every day will give you relevant feedback?

  • revision after updating to 23.0.2:

    1) Disable hover effects & Simple view - that's great, thanks!

    However, I would greatly appreciate it if the "+" buttons above and below the section were also static when I turn on "Disable hover effects". When I look at the section during the hover, I see that the permanently displayed buttons will not overlap anything.

    2) I found two bugs:

    - The section title and its ID on the top bar will appear only after saving and reloading the page. In version 22.x, the title appeared immediately.

    - Muffin Options> Global> Advanced> Options> Animate digits: the setting works in the opposite way than it should, ie. disable = enable, enable = disable.

  • I apologize for my mistake. Regarding the "+" buttons, it is clear that the top and bottom buttons of two adjacent sections would overlap. However, is the chance to solve it a little differently?

  • 1) These buttons would be fixed with next update.

    2) Both things will be sorted with the update as well.

  • Hi, today I finally had time to explore Betheme v23 in depth. I looked at every single element of Muffin builder 3 and compared it carefully with Betheme v22, in two windows side by side.

    I repeat again in advance: I really appreciate the contribution of everyone who works on this great tool and also the guys from the support. But ... did beta testing really take place before the launch? :)

    I send the list of what I found in the attached document because it is quite long.

  • revision after updating to 23.0.3:

    1) The fixed "+" buttons are absolutely amazing! Thanks!

    2) This is the same as in 23.0.2, without change:

    - The section title and its ID on the top bar will appear only after saving and reloading the page. In version 22.x, the title appeared immediately.

    - Muffin Options> Global> Advanced> Options> Animate digits: the setting works in the opposite way than it should, ie. disable = enable, enable = disable.

  • We've checked your suggestions very carefully and we have no choice but to agree with you. All things you've mentioned will be sorted with future updates of course ;)

  • Hi replace the selector for WooCommerce addresses from

    .woocommerce-order-received address

    to the selector used by WooCommerce itself to override the CSS property with the theme one

    .woocommerce .woocommerce-customer-details address

    addind also width: auto



  • Add CSS variables for the content and footer theme color, because not always is possible to add the class themecolor or themebg.

    I.e. now if I want to add a border with the same color as the theme set in theme options, I have to copy the color form the theme options and if I change it in the options I have to update it where I used it, otherwise I can set one time the property of color with the variable and never worry about changing in every instance I used that color.

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    In the new Muffin Builder 3, if you have a Draft (I tested on page and posts), if you save the draft and use WordPress Preview (not the one on the Muffin Builder), the preview will not be updated, with the content in the Muffin Builder.

    So, I want that the preview the default "Preview" link / button updates the preview with the Muffin Builder content.

    The action should work also in "All Pages" and "All Posts" listing

  • Add custom CSS for posts.

    Add support for SCSS in custom CSS, in Theme options, pages and posts.

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