How can i turn this horrible new builder off?

I have got the muffin blocks back I do not want this horrible new Be builder at all but now unable to update the header of the site using the standard betheme settings like I have for years across many sites.

Please tell me how I can get back to the interface I know and love. The be builder header settings are a nightmare and losing hours of building time!


  • Hi,

    Please, check the following link:

    But can you explain in more detail why you find our builder "horrible"?

    Best regards

  • Such hard work to find the simplest design changes and I am a developer of 20 years building from scratch. I don't want to use some flashy hidden details system when your fonts and style settings worked just fine. If I have to use the header template system you will be losing a customer of 10 years. Fine bring this builder in but give us full options to build the old way too. The usability is terrible sorry.

  • Just looked at the link it doesn't cover header styling settings?????

  • So if you change colour settings under betheme settings these now don't work? You have to mess around with the horrible header template designer thing? Changes that took 2 mins in the past have taken me over 2 hours to find insane! Please please don't kill this theme heard so many others say the same.

  • The new Header Builder does not have the option to create its layout with BeBuilder Blocks.

    We do not plan to add any new features to BeBuilder Blocks, and now BeBuilder is our main focus, but we plan to add a feature that would allow changing BeBuilder to be more like BeBuilder Blocks for our customers who prefer this style.

    Also, sorry to hear that it does not fit you, but I must strongly disagree that changes take longer and are harder to achieve. It is rather a matter of familiarity with the new version. We also release video tutorials describing new features regularly which can help you:

    Our builder is now more powerful and allows us to build more complex and extensive pages. Many of our customers appreciated it and switched from other builders like Elementor or WPBakery in favor of ours.

    Best regards

  • When i change colours in the normal betheme settings for menus etc why do these colours not reflect in the new header style?

  • We decided to separate header settings from the template, and you can set all the settings in the Header Builder.

    Please, check the following video tutorial:


  • This is shocking useability as most new users will head to options and be completely confused there are header settings that now do nothing :( loved betheme for nearly 10 years but these update may end it for me.

  • With every big update introducing new features, we release video tutorials explaining how they work and the possibilities they give. I believe that they are explained very well.

    These changes are required if we want to move forward and improve our theme. I hope that you understand. 😉

    Best regards

  • So disappointed :( did you ever think your theme sold so well because it wasn't so insanely complex like the others out there? Thats why I used it and as I said I'm a programmer for 30 years not just a non techy user.

    Is there a way I can downgrade and continue to use all my purchased licences?

  • If you want to downgrade, you should restore a backup with an older version.

    Best regards

  • Ok great as going to lose all my clients as they are now confused how to make edits. Appreciate your help just really sad after 10 years now have to find a new theme or use older version that will eventually break as Wordpress updates.

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