Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • Hi, please update the Google Fonts list in the next update, there are some missing fonts from the list in Theme Options > Fonts Family. For example: Sofia Sans, Unbounded, etc...

  • Please add the option to input font name when choosing custom fonts, similar to how Slider Revolution font selection menus work :) Thanks!

  • Place the description under the textarea, and make the textarea full width.

    In Theme Setting → Footer → Advanced

  • Please add the ability to change wordpress admin colors and customize it from BeCustom

  • I would like to see previous/next product buttons added on the custom template for the single product page in Woocommerce. Currently they are missing and it would be great if visitors can scroll through the products without having to go to the shop page.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! BeTheme is awesome :-)


  • Allow the use of dynamic data in the “Column Text” element, in particular for links.

    Also add an option to TinyMCE.

  • Add the option link form wraps and sections.

    Happens frequently that all the wrap or section should have a link to a page; and will be very helpful to go use all the potentiality of the wrap and element inside, without recreating them in a column in HTML to add a link.

  • please add the ability to add buttons and social media icons to mobile menu and the ability to further customise it

  • Add support for Custom Post Types to the Loop Builder

  • Can you see the photo galleries on your mobile arranged in two columns instead of one?

  • Hi,

    I really had high hopes for this theme, and on samples and ease of use it definitely delivered, awesome!!!

    However, I'm struggling to find decent interactions for instance on click or hover (more on this below) or mouse pointer swap/animations/interactions with background (like here

    For instance it would be great to have such powerful effects like background switch when hover on a text (example 1) or image display on hover over text (example 2). The closes to it I could find in betheme was tooltip image element which in comparison is a poor alternative.

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Another great to have would be a custom text display next to mouse pointer when hovering over an image, here are two examples:

    What are the chances that such options would be made available to your clients?

    Keep up with the great work!

  • Hello,

    we as an agency maintain a lot of BeTheme environments and do a lot of local development or updates for them. A common pattern for local development is * and our hosting partner uses * as development domain.

    Is it possible to add 2 more staging domain patterns to the already existing ones?



    They would help us a lot with this.

    Thanks a lot

  • Please make the sticky navigation arrows stop above the footer.



  • It would be extremely helpful to be able to display Photo Gallery in multiple (2-3) columns on mobile! Been waiting years for this feature! Currently have to utilize a seperate plugin to get this layout annoying...

  • In product page for "Grouped product" make it possible to add thumbnails of grouped products.

  • I have a simple request, building a complex mega menu is very time consuming.

    I would love it if you added a Layout filter to the pre-built websites you offer that are utilizing the complex mega menu functionality.

    That way I could load up a template you have already started and then just change the configuration to suit my project.

    Thank you!

  • Please add an option to filter different post types by tags and categories in the dynamic content feature. That would really make the loop builder more "complete". Slider Revolution already has this feature.


  • The following features would be cool if you had them implemented:

    • actionable addons - so you could turn off certain features that people don't need and would make the page size smaller
    • Have a page/image/post Organisation tool with folders like firebird is for images but adapt this for all kinds of post.
    • Add a post type section to templates - so people can create their own post types
    • Add custom roles with different rights
    • Add a converter to make webp and webm files from images, gifs and videos
    • add that we can place webm video files into the page - works in WordPress backend but not frontend right now.
    • love the bebuilder -but there should be a block form/not as visual editor version also available to see/add things if there are problems inside the builder - so 2 different views for you page editor.
    • make presets from wraps, sections and Collums

  • products slider.

    There is no option to choose a layout of 2 products in mobile, only one

    This is the most basic

  • A suggesting for feature suggestion forum: add for each comment a like and dislike button, aside quote button.

  • Hello,

    the Google-Font "Golos Text" is a popular font.

    Unfortunately, this is not offered in BeTheme.

    Please add it, thanky you.

    Kind Regards,


  • Suggestions on pre-built themes and ui design

    I've been using bethme for many years, but can the existing pre-built main graphics and designs、Web dynamic effects look more, well, modern again at this point? For example, the example I gave below, their home theme products cater more to modern design. I know you have a lot of work, in fact you can make more small modules so that we will import and use them directly 。Please refer to.

  • Get Product Gallery Grid Layouts.

    1 Main Image (top) , 3 Image ( Product Gallery ) 1 x 2 x 1.

    or 3 x 2 x 2 like..

    Let us determine how the images in the product gallery are displayed

  • Can we please get navigation arrows on the woocommerce product images, if you have more than 5 gallery images you cant see that there are more images, this is very important for customer UX

  • Add a feature in the license management to report if the website is in a development domain.

    You already have, you should just add the ability to change the domain associated with the license.

    Even more convenient if it could be done directly from Wordpress.

  • Hi Team,

    The theme is excellent but if it has Event module. It would be great.



  • It will be great make it possible for example in Tab element in content add dynamic data for example product page description, short description, reviews etc !

  • Hi Team are you still reading this forum page??

  • Add max-width and max-height for every element

  • Hi @drumfire,
    Yes, we are reading it, and write down your ideas ;)
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