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  • How to disable email notifications from this topic?

  • Click on the star to disable the bookmark ad also the notifications

  • it's unchecked and still receiving

  • Check also in the profile preferences, and adjust them as you like

  • Hello! It would be nice to be able to create more responsive devices, to be able to make different changes without having to write code, and to be able to use the builder for it. It would be great to be able to create them or be able to activate the rest of the sizes from theme options, that is, have the ones we have now activated by default, and be able to activate the other sizes, such as 2k, 4k screens, and other intermediate ones such as 1240-1440, etc. . and more mobile screens, taking into account the number of sizes that exist in the market, being able to create variations on larger mobiles and others on smaller mobiles.

  • Hello, when we create the section loops, and you only put background image, I would like to be able to make it clickable with {permalink}

  • Can I please request a customisation option in the "Counter" element within BeBuilder?

    There is no way to set how long the duration of the count should take - with it being appeared to be set as a random number in the code:

    var duration = Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000) + 1000);

    Having the duration set as a data attribute (in the same way the "data-to" figure is set) would be appreciated.

  • Hi, please extend the Loop Builder with the possibility of a "pagination" or a "load more" function.

    This would be super helpful when creating a blog list or page.

  • Section Loop - Order by

    Sort the woocommerce products or categories in the order they are included in the betheme selection or category page order.

  • Please add and prebuilt element for "fancy text / fancy headline" for the bebuilder!. It is animated text based on dynamic data.

    Elementor has it implemented:

  • Would be grate if on masonry tiles we could enter the post using the image, now it is only possible entering on the text, not to user friendly IMHO, discovered this after changing layout,

    Kind regards

  • I need to be able to see in a section loop, with the item image, the same thing that appears on the store image, so you can create whatever product style you want!

  • I would like to see BEbuilder be able to customize "woocomerse checkout page" and "the events calendar"


  • Enrich the list of available hover effects on content and menus. Current options as just too basic for modern websites.

    Simple hovers like in the below examples would lead to great new possibilities with the betheme.


  • Name of templates and types visible within BeBuilder

    Would be very cool to have the name of the templates and the types visible within BeBuilder edit view.

    The way things are at the moment, it is very easy to lose track of things, if you have a lot of templates.

    The Titel of one of my templates is "AF Sidebar" and the Type is "Sidebar menu" for example.

    If I enter this template with BeBuilder, it would be good to have the title and the type visible somewhere.

    Because most probably you have also other templates open in progress, and if you switch back and forth between the tabs, then it can easily happen that you confuse templates because of the missing designation.

  • Add top and bottom position to sidebar menu

    In the sidebar menu options, it would be nice to have 2 more options for the position: top and bottom

    So that the sidebar could be opened not only from the right or left but also from the top or bottom of the page.


  • Placeholder item with attributes

    Would be cool to have at least height as attribute for the placeholder item

  • Insert Betheme templates using shortcodes

    Possibly not for all templates, but for sections/wraps it would be useful to be able to add using a shortcode. That way we can maintain the edit in one spot philosophy.

  • Rather than overriding the default search functionality to allow for searching within BeTheme Builder elements (function mfn_search within theme-functions.php), redo the code to prevent breaking compatibility with third party plugins.

    Specifically, the theme function removes the 's' variable from the request, meaning other plugins (like Yoast) cannot use it.

    This stops the meta page title being displayed with default configurations:

    The meta title outputs with the "Search phrase" (%%search_phrase%%) variable omitted:

    Similarly, the custom BeTheme search function is causing a break in compatibility for a third party plugin Hero KB - where it's ajax search functionality returns no results.

    Support has suggested a feature request to try to resolve this.

    In the meantime, I have had to override the mfn_search function to restore default functionality.

  • I like it. Particularly when there is too much content to display in one page.

  • Section Loop through subpages of current page

    Possibility to display all subpages of the current page using a section loop instead of all pages of the website:

    Currently showing all pages:

    Only subpages (how it should be in my case):

  • Product Attributes as Dynamic Data

    In general i suggest to expand the scoope of the Dynamic Data, but especificly the posibility to use product attributes is bassic for ecommerce.

    Currently some of the dymanic data wont show in the modal, unless you delete some info and using the search bar wont really help because it will only find the terms already displayed.

  • Add the option to set icon color for the button element, and icon background.

  • For the section loop, add and ordering option by meta value of the post, page, product, ect.

    I.e. I use ACF to set dates for upcoming events, and I want to use those to order the posts.

  • edited August 2023

    Add “Dynamic data” to the “Zoom Box” element.

  • Add a spinning icon for the product gallery on mouse hover while the image at original size is loading.

    Another way is to use as zoomed image the thumbnail size, then switch to the original size.

    Same for all images, maybe except backgrounds.

    Lazy loading is very helpful for performance, but if not implemented correctly can hurt the user experience.

  • It would be fantastic to have the ability to manually input my own text for the headings in the table of contents.

    Take, for instance, this link:

    In the content, the headings are intentionally lengthy for SEO purposes. However, this presents a challenge in the table of contents, where it becomes difficult to grasp the essence of each heading due to their extensive length.

    Furthermore, it would be a valuable feature to include an option that allows users to decide whether they want different heading levels to appear at the same indentation level within the bullet list. To clarify, if there are h2 and h3 headings, users should have the ability to display them at the same hierarchical level in the table of contents.

  • For the Loop Builder, it would be great to have other slider options, like Fade so that it can be used for a fading image background.

  • Editing Tab and Description List with a userfriendly editor

  • Developer Mode and Navigator Side Bar is great – we love it!

    But it would be super helpful, when clicking elements in a section wrap/columns etc., that other opened sections will NOT be closed automatically. Please keep them open, so you don't have to open them again and again.

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