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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • ok I just removed it all together. Next question...why doesn't the slogan show up on mobile view? "GO TO CANADIAN SITE" shows up but "USA/INTERNATIONAL SITE" doesn't show up....and is there a way to make the text smaller for the…
  • Nevermind I figured it out by right clicking it on your demo and inspecting the element and i just copied the code that it displayed which was: <div class="newsletter_form"> <input name="EMAIL" id="mc4wp_email"…
  • I applied that code to my betheme options custom css section and nothing happened...what code do I need to put in the mailchimp form field = please see picture attached
  • My site is working fine i just checked it...i did import tge plugins and the demo. It still does not look the same. Please look at my site
  • OK. So I installed the mailchimp plugin and created a simple newsletter form but mine still doesn't look like the demo. I want it to loook exactly like your demo: This is the form code I used: <inp…
  • Natural & organic hair and skin care products
  • Thank you! Also, can you tell me the code for the newsletter form on the BeSport template right above the footer
  • Yes, the one right below the header section with the blue background that says: "We will call you back     Your Name______________   You're email___________    send message"
  • I've already looked through their documentation, but when I tried to do it like how you have it on your  BeTransfer demo ( I couldn't get it to look like can't you just tell me what the coding is…
  • yes that worked perfectly!! thank you soo much :) Also is there a way to make the brand logos not so far apart from each can the spacing/padding in between the 3 logos be changed?
  • never mind i figured it out :) Just in case anyone else is wondering it's in the documentations section
bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü