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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • As you said, I asked the host to unblock all the blocked IPs. Please check again. I hope the problem is solved.
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/608/S0G1H4UTO1TQ.png I talked to you and they said that you need to connect via FTP, select the insecure option in the encryption section.
  • I sent it again please chek i hope answer me soon 🌹
  • Sent it again did you can login ?please chek it if u can
  • i want to hide betheme BeBuilder for also shop_manager and just seen by administrator . now when i place it at administrator it seen by shop manager. Thanks
  • I asked the host to unblock the IP of the beautiful country of poland, I hope it will work
  • I talked to you, these login details were correct, they thought that your IP might be blocked due to repeated logins, please give me the IP of the client you are used to, so that it can be unblocked.
  • I am really sorry for the mistake. I have received the information from the host again and I am attaching it. I hope my problem will be solved soon by your professional team.🌹
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/900/WBS5KEM05I31.jpeg i sent cPanel and ftp accesses and test it . 😓 sent it again .
  • tank's test it and send again please cheek it.
  • I sent it. Please do not deactivate the site so that its visitors do not face problems
  • I disabled the plugins and cleared the cache from the hosting, but it still doesn't open, and the function file in the child theme doesn't work when I put code in it, and I have to use the original template.
  • https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/215/Y8IL8QW2PTO5.png koohkade.com redirected you too many times. this is my errore . https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/545/CP4QRJ92Y9OA.png
  • thank's .😍 i have a problem by template be builder. it dosn't work when i want to make afooter or header and a long time is loading page content but noting appear
  • thanks' for update . but problem is still . icon duplicated. and speed is low
  • thank's where can I find WP Bakery? there isn't in my download file? https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/287/03UZ6DY6KQWL.png
  • No i add a filter to function of theme and sort my product the product that aren’t in stock gose to the end of the list but it’s not affected in be builder and related product for another example when somone search a product in betheme serch bar …
  • Thank you for your accurate and quick response. I hope I will be able to receive your update soon and I will not be bothered by the high speed of the theme. Also, it would be great if the theme would sort the products based on instock, categories …
  • I send information for you
  • Another problem is that in the custom variation swatch section, the variables are displayed as pa- the name of the variable category I followed the instructions of the betheme documentation and used another plugin before. I disabled that plugin and…
  • I replace all logo and just still one in betheme call request nuber change 8 fall for one image and takes about 2.5 seconds to call it is for all page site https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/419/ESWGD8PF4WE5.png when i remove logo bethe…
  • i send 2 other screen before and after rename photo. as you can see these error seems as server speed but the server speed is so fast when i replace photo it's very better. I hope you can repair these error too for me https://forum.muffingroup.co…
  • Ido it before replacing and errors are there still. it reduces my speed what can i do to remove logo. the logo in be theme are duplicated you can see in screen. https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/940/TEO7IHV81B2G.png
  • tank's i do them before my problem is in query. if you see screen i attached some slow queries are there created by theme there were about 67 and was first page image that duplicated and i download and rename and re upload. speed reduce about 11s. …
  • the domain is koohkade.com when theme disable it show server speed is fast and when is activate server speed is slow https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/uploads/257/VX5L8MWU2ZM6.png