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  • Its not working again right now because WP auto updated again. I had disabled all plugins prior so it 5.6 causing this. This happened by totally throwing off a couple other my sites also I had to restore. Can you check now? need to get this back up …
  • Figured this out.. The code i copied with the hyperlink around the image above was missing a quote mark on title=""
  • Yes , I have followed this turning off all plugins purging cache and still had same results
  • That is weird becasue if I remove the buttons the footer shows and there is even less content when the buttons are removed so it's something with the buttons causing it and they are in a column of the page and not in the footer?
  • Thanks.. I use that code but it breaks the footer and puts a big white space under the page with alot of scroll for some reason.. here my code for ios and anroid <a href="https://app…
  • I reverted the WP update to a backup. Not sure what was going on but seemed to have done that after updating possibly. I will have to keep an eye on it and will try and update again and see what might be causing it. I thought it was coming from th…
  • I got ya. Thanks.... Guess would only make sense if you had like a 20 pages site or something. Thanks...   PS>>  Hate the small skinny lines all these builders use. Makes it hard to see what you are doing and what is nested etc... You guys m…
  • I figured this out.. Looks like you have to add a width to the SVG settings in the theme otherwise it will not show.. Says its optional, might be mandatory :) i did noticed this push my logo from far left on mobile phone though so had to add CSS for…
    in SVG Files Comment by scott74 July 2020
  • So They provided me with a way to sanitize the URL . It works everywhere in the theme except the logo inputs...  I have in the footer using just HTML where it shows well..  When using in the theme logo area or using with CSS for a background it will…
    in SVG Files Comment by scott74 July 2020
  • I think so. Was not able to directly upload svg and use via WP but can using cloudinary link and think have to play with some settings there to optimize.. Thanks
    in SVG Files Comment by scott74 July 2020
  • ahhh... Thank you very much. Was driving me nuts.
  • Ah Yes.. I think that is better. They can just close them manually for now if they want. Thanks
  • When you start at the bottom of the accordion and work your way up its fine but when you start at the top and start opening other tabs it jumps all around especially on the Steaks tab takes you all the way into the footer of the site. Video herehttp…
  • ok thanks... Just wondering, why when you open tabs starting from bottom to top if works perfectly but not top to bottom? Is this something that can be looked at in a future update?
  • Looks like possibly the short short codes I am putting in there from the menu plugin I bought.  Does this only work well with straight text or html and not short codes from other plugins? Although I did try just long text. The screen did not jump a…
  • ok. tabs are getting a little long so was bascially looking to combine a scroll to effect so the person clicking doesn't get confused and think nothing happened if click near the top on mobile. Thanks, will try and come up with some sort workaround
  • Got ya, Thank you :)
  • Thank you.. just sent
  • Thanks.. I fixed those issue and did not seem to do the trick .. To be sure I created a fresh page with not other HTML on it and just added these images Here is the only HTML in the modules <img src="https:…
  • ok, I disabled the minify CSS and also the Combine CSS
  • ok.. sorrry still looks to be doing it and deselecting those two items..  I just have columns with image code<img class="" src=" "> Can't figure out where …
  • Thanks. I was just messing with some on the fly image swapping but it was doing that before that. I removed that code and looks like still there. Thanks. Seems to only work if I use a background image for the module  Seems it gets bigger when you s…
  • Cool, that would be awesome. Thanks for considering
  • Ok thanks..maybe a future update will allow a tick bock for that.Kind of like you have full width Desktop only but have tick box for Full width mobile only? Thanks
  • ok .. so are yo saying there is not a way to do it with CSS/ I have my section an ID but could not figure out how to target it exactly for full width... I know the media queries I need to use but don't think you can just give the section and ID and …
  • ok thanks... was thinking it may make the image on the right act better and more responsive.. I will play around with it . Thank you
  • It seems that it does not apply once it gets down to mobile width.. See here .highlight-left:after { background: #941917; background: #000 url(…
  • I need  full width expect desktop and tablet though...  not full width expect mobile.Whats and option for that?