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    Some things that I've found while building my portfolio:
    1. There is no way to turn off auto-generated data in single portfolio element view apart from doing it with CSS like this (it's LESS syntax):

      .single-portfolio { #Content { padding-top: 0 !important; } .section-portfolio-header { display: none; } }
      A switch to turn off portfolio content inside singe portfolio item page would be helpful as it is necessary when one wants to build custom layout using Muffin Builder

    2. Perhaps it would be possible to create a special element inside Muffin Builder - a special section that would import data from regular WordPress editor into this section alowing for mixing VC and MB on the backend. This would make possible making complex layouts like this:

      Standard Header -> Muffin Section -> VC Section -> Muffin Section -> Standard Footer

      At this moment it's impossible because WP content can be either before or after MB content.

    3. For making advanced portfolio layouts (single portfolio item), it would be great to have some kind of masonry based layouts available in Muffin Builder. Right now there is no such thing, only sliders. I'd love to see something like Media Grid or Masonry Media Grid as an element available in Muffin Builder. That would allow people to build advanced, custom portfolio styling using Muffin Builder.
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    Ajax WooCommerce cart in menu header )
  • Please rewrite how the absolute path is being created for including wp-load.php in style.php, style-colours.php and style-one.php.

    beTheme breaks for any developer that hardens their WordPress installation by renaming or relocating the wp-content directory.

    Renaming wp-content simply involves renaming the directory and adding the following two lines to wp-config.php:

    As an interim solution, I'm editing the parent theme files directly to modify the absolute path.

    As you've already explained to me via PM, I can't utilise a child theme to achieve this so I have to modify the parent theme's files with each new upgrade.

    The following code examples demonstrate how the path should be written to account for wp-content renaming (but not relocation):
    1. PHP function:
    2. Regex:
    Overall, please consider re-hauling beTheme's architecture to avoid having to include wp-load.php due to the well known problems it creates:

    Why can't you just apply the CSS output of style.php, style-colours.php and style-one.php to functions.php and hook into the <head> of each page? Using this approach would allow you to avoid having to calculate/assume the absolute path to wp-load.php since the WordPress API can automatically do it for you from within functions.php and better yet, you wouldn't even need to call wp-load.php because you're already in the API once you're in functions.php.
  • A boxed layout with the vertical navigation INSIDE THE BOX would be more aestheically pleasing than having the navigation outside the box.

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    Please allow an option to disable your favicon set-up altogether via The Muffin Options panel.

    A mere favicon.ico file is no longer sufficient by contemporary web design standards in consideration of varied behaviour of all modern browsers and the iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms.

    The only codeless legitmate solution available to WordPress users is the following plugin:

    Not only does it robustly facilitate all modern devices and platforms, it also generates the the required array of favicons from the uploading of one single image file.

    You could go one step further and integrate the Real Favicon Generator API into your Muffin Group options to truly stay in keeping with modern conventions and expectations.

    You can view the API here:

    It's a free and open-source API.
  • Please bring to us the possibility to use another image for logo on sticky menu. Sometimes we need to set a horizontal version of logo to get it presented correctly.
  • I really need the jquery filtering for portflio grids able to use on a section for an one-page layout
  • Hi!

    in the Muffin Editor, it would be great to have a "Raw HTML" Item, because I use custon tables and I had too use Visual Editor to be able to do that.
  • @laccentweb "Column" item is especially for Raw HTML :)
  • Please add the possibility of choosing the number of columns for portfolio grids!
  • Would be nice to have an option to disable custom post types like Clients, testimonials, if its not used :-)
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    I would like to suggest an update to the footer columns. I like the current options you have provided. It would be most excellent if we had an option for 5 columns (1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5,1/5). I can accomplish this right now using one column and placing my own HTM, but widgets aren't exactly accessible. If this option is already available that is great.

    Good job on this theme. It is one of the best.
  • It would be awesome to be able to have a different menu for Mobile (so we could design pages just for, say since parallax doesn't work on mobile we could exclude those pages from mobile view)! AMAZING theme guys!

  • Hi,

    I do not know if I am the only one in this situation but I think the 1240px layout is really wide and 960px is really narrow... what about having something in between?? :)

  • can we add mobile logo option?? coz alot ppl use big logo for desktop...and it gets crunched or displayed very odd on mobile view...
  • I would like to see Mobile Software and mobile brand web page complete demo
  • Text overlay for featured images so you do not have to create it with revolution slider or something else.
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    Hi, please add ajax menu shopping cart. Thanks!
  • Still waiting and hoping for a portfolio post slider that has the exact same options as the blog post slider.
  • Theme is great. Keep improving! Documentation and this forum needs some work.

    Searching in the forum is really hard. If I type two words it shows all topics containing the first word and I have to scroll and search myself to the topic that contains both words.

    Theme documentation could use more visual examples of what each item in muffin builder does and what all shortcodes look like. This wold save me a lot of time.

    Keep up the good work

  • @ceezet We know this but we can't change forum now as we don't want to lose all those topics. But google likes forum and to search something on forum, we recommend to use quere in google as below:

    your keyword
  • A "pull up" footer menu
  • Color coding the page sections in the Muffin Builder.

    In a page with lots of sections, marking them and the shortcode blocks by color would help quickly find them.
  • Be able to add images in the mega menu :)
  • In BeTheme customization / hooks:

    Adding "inside <head>" hook to allow people populating the site with custom metadata easily.
  • What I would really like to see is some optimizations being made on production sites.

    ATM I can see about 32 CSS files being loaded on my website. Most of them are connected to BeTheme. Introducing some mechanism that would minify and compact all of those files into one and serve as cached file would be great. It should be switchable, ei. production / development (debugging).
  • Boxed Websites shouldn'tbe boxed on Mobile.
  • An idea for "creative" type menu. It would be nice to provide an option to make it load opened by default and collapse afterwards to instruct users on how to use this kind of menu. It would be awesome if it could be cookie-based (load opened, set cookie, collapse, stay collapsed until cookie is cleared).
  • @creativeart I would like to second you on the documentation - I am sure we are not the only ones struggling to find or figure something out.

    @muffingroup like many here I am really happy with the theme and great work done, congrats. My suggestion would be to improve the documentation and the main demo site to include all the shortcodes under each element for easy visual just like here

    I think that will go a long way to resolve many issues for people. 
  • It would be nice to have the option in widgets, enabling one to show recent portfolio/clients/offers items and not only recent blog posts, in the same way recent blog posts work. 
    Apparently, portfolio items work as same as blog items, meaning that they have categories and related posts. 

    Just my thoughts. 
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