Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • I would love to see a comprehensive form editor/styler in BeTheme. Something that lets me control and override form styles of plugins in order to match the theme.
    Just trying to implement a MailChimp signup, and maybe wanting to put form fields and submit-button onto one line is a nightmare...
  • I think it would be nice if BeTheme integrated with Easy Digital Downloads or another type of Plugin like that. Also, it would be nice if you had the option of choosing certain menus for when users are logged in and others for when they are logged out as many plugins for menus cannot be used due the menu area already being customized. 
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    Can we have a theme design based on the Google Material Design policy .... Something on the lines what this theme has worked out on


  • I'd like to suggest a video tutorial, starter template and child theme capability to build our own muffin builder elements, like how VC does using vc_map.  I prefer not to use VC anymore, MB is far superior in ease of use and speed.  This would allow code capable designers to either override an elements html structure or build completely new elements tailored specifically to our clients needs.

    Again, being able to duplicate MB elements among multiple places without duplicating code would be extremely helpful and is still my #1 request.  That feature would truly set Be theme apart.  i.e. new CPT such as "sections" w/ MB of which can be included via a new MB element within a page elsewhere.  For example, this would be a great solution to a custom footer that can be included on every page but only needs to be built once and also making footer content changes less of a repetitive task, especially since the MB import overwrites everything vs append.
  • Just a little idea : A color picker to change background-color in "page option / muffin builder / section" :)
  • Please, add a way to hide block in section (something like accordeon effect). Because when a page has many section it's very hard to find rapidly the right one. :)
  • Compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads, pleaseeeeeeeeeee
  • Better portfolio styles with improved filters so can make a directory of categories.
    This is the only thing which has made me choose other themes so far - fix this asap and betheme is perfect.

  • Very important for every european customer: make the theme fully compatible with EU Cookie Law.

    There should be an option to disable cookies for every single element it uses them.
    For instance, youtube embedded videos have an option to disable cookies using instead of in the link. At the moment this solution is not possible as you ask only for the video id and insert the link automatically, there should be a flag to enable a "privacy mode" option.

    Same thing for google map integration, at the moment it uses cookies as well and there's no way to deactivate them. It should be possible using instead of standard
  • +1 For compatibility with EU Cookie Law

    Possibility to add iOS/Android icons and Add to homescreen + web app capabilities.

  • Please add audio shortcode.

  • I second the font size option in visual editor
  • Hi Guys - please make the portfolio sortable/ filterable by categories and tags like

    need to be be able to filter by two or more categories or tags  at the
    same Also an ajax search or different portfolio styles like royal

    Your theme is far superior to others out there - but this little thing is a big issue

    If this can be done soon In the meantime can you suggest a plugin I can use to apply a filter and ajax search
  • Please add a widget to display liked content.
  • Hi, please add it theme support Directory themes like or

  • A testimonial slider and a horizontal timeline timeline like
  • making a way to let hotspots works inside sliders .  . and plz make it faster...... the page load sucks...
  • I'd love menus like the ones used at, where they retain as much of the regular menu as possible, even when showing the responsive menu ("hamburger") button.
  • Hello, could make a demo for mma page, such as

    Thank you
  • Responsive|Mobile|Tablet Header Layout Options - The options for header layout in desktop are great but I think a few options for the responsive header layout would also be a great additional. The layout at the minute when search icon is enabled pads the header out quite a bit. It would be good to have a 'Simple' Responsive header with | Logo | Search Icon | Menu Icon | accross the top....
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    It would be great if we could link the counters to post types and/or taxonomies. For example to show number of posts from categories or tags.
  • New Header layout - Large phone number & Address area next to the Logo. [Widget-ized Header"]

    Current headers aren't practical for Service industries. At least provide a widget where we can add these items easily. I've been able to achieve this with the Magazine header in the Ad space via custom code, but it's a hack and not a long-term solution. The dropdown menu (top right corner) is available but most users don't see the small arrow or know to click it.

    Header candidates for this extension: Stacks (left, center, right), Creative, Split (in a section below the logo/nav), Classic & Plain


  • Hi,
    If it's possible, others sizes of blog posts ( a little pics for the homepage) • Top with sharing buttons under ;-)
  • Could you add options for the search functionality in the header layout? 

    • A client would love a search field next to the search icon (this could disappear on small screen size).
    • In addition, I think it would be nice if the cursor would automatically jump into the search field after pressing the search icon (to get the search field)
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    Please add the option to have the featured image within the post so that it can be floated with a text wrap. All my own and my client blogs use this more common layout with the featured image floated left w/in the content. Not having this feature at least as an option means I can't use BeTheme on any of these sites when I redo them because it means major time consuming work to redo all the images so they fit in the top area above the post. I'd really love to be able to use BeTheme over and over again, but not having the ability to put the featured image in the same place they are now on these blogs eliminates me from using this theme :(

    It was my own fault for not checking this before purchasing BeTheme (never expected it to be a problem) so the one site I bought the theme for looks very strange because the images are not sized for a top featured image and the post content sits too low. I either have to live with strange looking posts or find a way to customize it which has so far been more time consuming in depth customizing than I have the skills for.
  • The option to have a full width masonry blog index page.
  • It would be fantastic if you could add better options for video based portfolios.

    Considering you already have all the components to make this function possible I curious why you have made them unavailable to portfolios.

    I think these three key things would make a huge difference, and they would not be difficult for you to implement.
    1. Automatically generate feature image thumbnails based on the videos URL and the oEmbed API. Also allow these to be manually overridden if the user uploads a Feature Image themselves.
    2. Allow more flexibility in the Portfolio List/Grid display; for example I'd much prefer to use the Zoom-Box in the grid than any of the other options, but again this does not look to be possible.
    3. Users should be able to define that videos can open in the prettyphoto modal window, rather then opening the feature image or linking to a separate page. 
    All of the features already exist in the theme but are totally disjointed. For now I will have to make do, I hope you can consider these improvement for a future release
  • EasyDigitalDownloads support.
  • Hi, please add ajax shop cart on header ! )
  • Hello, the NUMBER ONE thing I miss most of all, is a better "magazine feel". The "Press"-style you have made is not bad, but the elements in it is too big and fluffy. I would really love some more "magazine"-styled elements... like an element that displays posts from a single category, like on:

    I really, really hope you'll pick this up.

    All the best.
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