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    1) Would be nice to save muffin builder sections as templates.  Currently you can import and export whole pages but this wipes out anything set in current muffin builder rather than append to it.  Maybe on option when choosing to import to either replace or append would be enough for now.  It's a pain staking process to add a new footer section to all of my pages.  For now, I do this through the database to save time.

    2) In muffin builder options next to Title SEO would be nice to override page title text that shows in title bar without effecting actual page title.  This way we can have better visible and lengthy title for SEO without effecting this elsewhere such as menus, sub-menu, page lists in sidebars etc.

    3) Offset items in muffin builder sections.  For example, if I want 25% column to be offset so it is centered in section I can only do this with custom css, or am I wrong?
  • It would be nice to have a disalbe button for custom css to save request
  • font awesome icons for the menu would be usefull
  • Hello, how are you?
    The betheme could have supported the Playlists Spotfy. I believe they can create a Shortcode to shunt insertion of this content format.

    Thank U!
  • Hello, I would like to request a feature for a future update.

    Option to make the "overlay menu" function active only on mobile and/or tablets. I suspect that this would be possible given that the mobile menu is a "slide down" style currently.

    Thank you.
  • Add Github to social footer section. Thanks.
  • Having additional one or two link styles for latest articles widget and suggested articles would be nice. Perhaps something more plain looking instead of bulky and animated?
  • Probably already been asked but it would be nice to minimize duplication of muffin builder sections if a new CPT was built called Sections and a new muffin builder element called Include Section so one can build blocks that are re-usable among many pages but only need to be updated in one place.
  • There is a problem with the theme while applying some security settings. In the moment we change "wp-content" folder the theme gets broken. 

    From what I noticed in 
    style-colors.php line 11 you have hardcoded the folder path: 
    $strpos = strpos( $url, 'wp-content' );

    Also in: 
    style-one.php line 11: 
    $strpos = strpos( $url, 'wp-content' );

    style.php line 11:
    $strpos = strpos( $url, 'wp-content' );

    If possible to solve this in next update would be great ... cos I have to modify this files with every update :(
  • Background color # option , not just an image .
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    testimonials element - other options such as zigzag instead of dots separator would be nice =)

    Is there a way to disable the count down on coming soon default page?

    Loving how you guys keep adding more.  I actually enjoy working on sites again =)
  • Currently I'm very happy with betheme. But there is also some place for improvements.

    It would be very nice to have some more possibilities to link to social networks for example in the "our team" item. There I'm missing xing.

    Also in the footer there could be some more possibilities to design social buttons when using the icon_bar shortcode in the footer widget. There it's only possible to use the predefined colors and designs for the social networks. And the xing network does not have a predefined color.

    It would be nice to have some round buttons in the footer and individuell colors with a hover effekt.

    Thanks for your efforts and best regards

    Jörg Adams
  • Could you make it possible to overwrite the default background image for each individual page (in boxed layout), so each page could be unique?
  • Hi,

    another suggestion .. pls make an option to disable the resizing of the Logo | Sticky Header. That causes scrolling lags when using a parallax slider in top header

    Best regards
    Jörg Adams
  • In layouts, it would be nice to have the full arsenal of header options, such as subheader choices, menu and action bar overrides etc. Thx
  • Id like to request better blog themes/options and better options to share content.

  • it would be more than good if I could name the function "clients" whatever I want.

    I use it on my blog as a sponsor bar but it would be really better to name it as

    "sponsors" instead of no name.
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    For the muffin editor, it would be great if the sections would evaluate shortcodes before outputting.  For instance, as from one of your demo pages I have a "column" element with a list of [list icon] shortcodes for the elements of my contact information.  I wanted to wrap my email address in a custom shortcode I created called [cloak] that just basically returns an antispambot() version of my email address.  I believe there would be an easy way to fix this by adding a do_shortcode() call on the arguments and payload of your shortcodes, as explained here: (

    I also noticed that the "column" element automatically converts characters like t to regular characters, rendering any obfuscation useless.
  • Rotating Text shortcode to control individual words instead of a whole section, similar to this...
  • Map option to disable dragging for mobile.  Such as an input to specify < 480:

    function initMap(){
    var isDraggable = $(document).width() > 480 ? true : false; // If document (your website) is wider than 480px, isDraggable = true, else isDraggable = false

    var mapOptions = {
    draggable: isDraggable,

    //... options options options
  • ADD below filter in functions.php , so that indian currency appears correctly, everytime the theme is updated all the currency symbol goes [2089]

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_currencies', 'add_inr_currency' );
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_currency_symbol', 'add_inr_currency_symbol' );
    function add_inr_currency( $currencies ) {
        $currencies['INR'] = 'INR';
        return $currencies;
    function add_inr_currency_symbol( $symbol ) {
        $currency = get_option( 'woocommerce_currency' );
        switch( $currency ) {
            case 'INR': $symbol = 'Rs.'; break;
        return $symbol;
  • Do you have implemented the image box feature like here: ?
    Can you implement via shortcode this kind of tooltip (press + buton on picture) ?
  • hi, Please fix RTL.Option.css,in this version theme option was Cluttered.
  • Dentist Demo!
  • @mhfaghee Can you give us more details about what should be fixed? We've working on RTL version with few people who are native RTL and they did not found anything else. So if you have any problems, please open new topic on this forum where you list issues you found. Thanks!
  • I saw a site that had a smaller header menu with only 4-5 items next to the logo while the actual main menu was a slide out from the left.  Is this currently possible.  Might be a nice addition to have an option for a 2 menu header, primary and sub with different placement options.
  • Oh and how about Be|Speak for people that sell their services as an individual like motivational speakers, ebook sellers and such.
  • Hello, it would be interesting to create house paint and motorcycle garage, Greetings
  • i request external link for blog post thumbnail in the next update
    like a thumbnail categories

    i think it easy for  already add it in thumbnail portfolio
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