Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • - Add following options: Content background color (body color is there but not sufficient)
    - Remove the damn default blue background image out of your code (visible with transparent subheader allthough another background image is defined in header options)
  • Some suggestions:
    1. Page transitions
    2. Secondary menu (below or above the main menu, selectable separately on each page)
    3. Always expanded left menu without overlaying the main content 
    4. Simple slider with predefined text positions and button where you just enter the text.
  • It would be really awesome to have horizontal thumb tabs like this one

    After you click learn more on particular tab (or slide whatever), another page is opened where you can see a sub-menu (the same as the tabs) that sticks on the top of the page on scroll down. Look at this page

    That's a cool way to present your stuff. 

    Be theme is already amazing but this one will make it really stand out and incredible. 

    You guys are doing something that nobody have done before. Keep up the great job. I'm sure that I'm not the only craving fan of Be that takes every opportunity to recommend your theme. You deserve it!

  • Hi,

    You've created great features that allow us to introduce
    offers, team members, etc(flat boxes, info boxes ...), but none of these
    features enables the person in charge of editing to justify the text, therefore, the only option that's left is to use the visual editor when you want to have a justified text.

    Are you planning to add more options to these features?

  • @mobiquithings We work on features for all the time. We develop this theme for 10-14 hours per a day and still work on your suggestions but currently we got really many of them and you need to be patient. We take care all of your suggestions but as you know, this needs time.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • edited August 2014
    It would be nice if you could set the width of the creative menu.
  • Hello! 

    It would be very great if you could add the possibility for us to enter links for Instagram and Behance (and maybe other Social Networks...?) - BeTheme Options > Layout > Social Icons. :)

  • @taniasantoscarvalho Instagram has been added with one of the updates in the updates and is already available in Theme options > Layout > Social Icons section.
  • Really? In my interface it doesn't show... :/

  • @taniasantoscarvalho Please update theme then because you use old version.
  • Oh! Right. :) Thanks.
  • Uploading own icons would be really great))
  • Any additional customization options within the Blog posting item within the pagebuilder. Options such as "display feature image," "Show/Hide Links double popup," "skip x amount of posts."

    The "skip x amount of posts" would be especially useful. For instance; to show 20 blog posts with an advertisement in the middle you would add one blog section showing 10 posts, the add an advertisement section, then add another blog section with "skip first 10 posts" specified. 
  • Popup set of pictures:

    Is there an add item which the visitor click on the link or image then a popup of gallery for that open? For example, as a hotel website, you display the main room #1 picture, then the visitor click on that main picture so there comes the popup more pictures related to that main room #1 such as bathroo, beds, etc?
  • I would love to see a login/logout option built into the header, possibly beside the search icon. Anything implementing wp_loginout() would be great.
  • I would like more control over the Responsive menu settings. The menu becomes responsive far to soon. It becomes responsive even on desktop computers with smaller screens. Also more control of the responsive menu background colour, responsive menu links colour and links hover colour. My site showed white links on white background by default and I found it very hard to change these with my child theme CSS file
  • BeTheme is a great template but, please, add markup to the elements.
    Many thanks!
  • Hi,
    Suggestion: Get directions for map element
  • edited September 2014
    Your handling of 404s sucks is not optimal 

    404s could/should be canonicalized to the homepage and preferably logged into the database. This way you produce no 404s, you leak the link juice into the homepage and you can fix it asap. Or raw access logs could be searched for 404s and you should actively redirect them to relevant pages or just put relevant content in place, specially if you buy or fundamentally change and old site. This would be a much more useful addition to the 404 page setup than being able to change the icon.
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    Hi, two "little" suggestions ;) :

    1. A login popup shortcode to place anywhere with an htag like : #login or something else.
    2. A portfolio expander like :
  • Hi,

    Are you at least considering this?

    The product page is really, really ugly if you have a long description. I'm thinking about switching theme becuase WooCommerce is an integral part of my website. And this way it just looks awful.
  • @dtommy79 We got it in future plans of course!
  • Two simple adds/suggestions.

    1.  Have the option to add a "To The Top" button that scrolls back to the top of the page (for a one page site).  It is in the footer, but if you have multiple sections a user may never get to that spot.

    2.  The ability to hide builder elements on different screen sizes.  Long pages may have elements we would like to hide.  You have the section setup that way, but in some cases I want to hide certain elements in the section.  Obviously I can recreate the section and turn on the settings, but would be great if it could be done at the "item" level.
  • Awesome work with Fancy divider. 

    I would love to see more type of menu headers. And if there's a solution for opensource Header Menu that gonna be great. :)
  • Allow the choice of text-align in every text box.
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    with the latest version that has become one of the most complete theme I've ever used. I would like to afford 2 suggestions to make it perfect:

    1. As for the fonts in which dates the ability to use custom fonts, it would be very useful, even for the icons, you can upload custom libraries, such as those of
    2. Please consider to add Master Slider to the plugin integrated with the theme. I have tested it and its superb! More than Revolution Slider. And support still stable...
    Thanks if you consider my points and congratulations for the BIG job done!
  • Theme Suggestion: 

    A theme i'd like to see is a Printing Theme, for Small Business Printers from screen printers to digital printers. You've done designers and web developers just not printers. 

    Just a suggestion
  • Suggestion:
    More ad placement options would be a tremendous addition in future updates. Before post, after post, etc. A less common option that I would really appreciate would that of an option to insert an ad as a post within a site's blog feed. For example an area to insert ad codes, followed by a box to set which position each ad should be displayed. (Ad one between posts# 5 & 6, Ad two between posts # 12& 13, etc...)

  • edited September 2014

    I for one would be prepared to pay for bundles of additional BE theme skins for different vertical markets.

  • Hello,

    As dtommy79 has mentioned a couple of times, please make the description and reviews tabs full-width for the WooCommerce product page.

    A slightly longer product description makes the layout look very ugly and there is a lot of wasted space on the left.

    Other than that, it's a great theme.

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