Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • clearsidemediaco : there can be different solution for this, for example there are already WHMCS plugin for wordpress, just need to make the theme works well with that plugin and that's done :D. Very good. for example.

    I like the fact that Be-theme has alot of module, and setting up site by module is so easy. More inspiration of module design can be found on

    They have hundreds of module design for inspiration

  • Definitely... we have played with the WPMUDev Plugin and also Zingiri (which looks to either been renamed to i-plugins or i-plugins is a clone to Zingiri).

    My biggest knack with WHMCS at this point, is the inability to sync with Google Apps. Which obviously is a non-wordpress related issue. :)
  • For making something similar a hosting company use wpmudev plugins such as prosites, whmcs integration etc. It's the same thing i am doing using a multisite installation. I am not using whmcs yet.

    I am using prosites + new blog templates mainly. Going for whmcs integration is way better but it's a lot of more work in the begining.

    I have some other suggestions to add, i will prepare an entire post on it dedicated for the modifications and features i would like to see mainly for the purpose of using be theme more like a sitebuilder than a standalone theme.
  • Love the theme, a few suggestions, if each item added could have the option to give it an advanced CSS class, like the sections do, for even more fine grain control of the theme.  Also, if we could have something like a calendar module or an upcoming events module that would be fantastic!  
  • I suggest the Muffin Menu should support also external links. Now it's only take child page,
  • here is how it can look like, very easy to navigate :)
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    As I'm switching to your theme with an existing website, it would be great if it would be possible to populate the number of likes (do you like this?) blog posts have, becausing having all (over 1000) on 0 might be suspicious to new visitors. There used to be a theme on themeforest where you could randomly generate the number of likes with one single mouseclick ( ) - is this something you could make happen too?
  • Hi, it would be great if we can create a client slider, like in the Brandon theme. Thanks!
  • @awareness We are not sure what you mean. Please make a screenshot of what you mean and we`ll think about it in future updates.

    @zbasterman This is possible since 3.2 version was released because we added this possibility on your requests :) You can see this client's slider on
  • @muffingroup Sure! I don't mean it has to look the same, but similar options would be great. 

    Do you like it:
    Front-end example "I love it" theme:
    Back-end example "I love it" theme:

  • Another suggestion for WooCommerce compatibility: Right now open tabs of shop items can be closed to see less by clicking the plus (+) symbol and opened by clicking the minus (-) symbol. I think that's a bit weird. Click + to see less, click - to see more. Could you swop that around?
  • Possibility to set own size of portfolio and blog featured image. 
  • Please make more Fancy Heading style :).
  • @zalzy At this moment it is possible in functions/theme-functions.php file. For more info please take a look on

    @awareness If you want to swap "-" with "+", please read the following topic where we explained already how to do it.
  • Thanks @muffingroup - I had already changed it. The suggestion to swop (by default) is just to improve BeTheme. It makes more sense.
  • Please support retina for section background. 
  • @zagosweden We`ll think about additional field in future updates but at this moment you can use solution from where we explained how it works. But you should also remember that parallax won`t work on retina because iDevices does not support it at all.
  • I have tried the method @2x.png, jpg, it works well with all the elements but not with Section backgrounds ( no parallax ). 

    And sometimes the video for revolution not display on Firefox. Have anyone experienced this ?
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    @zagosweden So if this won`t work in accordance to solution above, then we`ll check it while future updates.
  • Thanks, we really need that function :)

    Another suggestion is the Class ID, I saw that you have alot of  "hidden" class to use with text, for example, "center" or "dark" or something else to make object border, etc...

    If you can put all of those "hidden" class CSS in Document file that would be much easier for us to work on the site without writing our own class in Child-theme. 

    Also, How about "no-logo" transparent homepage like ? We modified once again the theme header, If you like it we are happy to share the CSS ;). ( hopefully with some credits line ? )

    Pls let me know :)

  • @zagosweden If you want to share your solution for transparent homepage with no logo and menu in the middle, we recommend to create new topic (if you will create this topic we can make in Announced so it will be displayed at top of forum) and if this solution will be good enough (we need to test it first) then we`ll be able to add it into future updates and of course. Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Some suggestions regarding the header:
    - Being able to chose the alignment of the menu (left / center / right) on other headers besides Stack;
    - Being able to increase top and bottom menu padding, increasing/decreasing the space above and bellow the menu/logo;
    - Define a gap above the sticky header. Basically, detaching it from the top of the browser ("floating effect").
  • I would like to be able to:

    1. upload my own icon and use it in the headline element
    2. be able to upload more than one type of font through Be Options area (at the moment I can upload only one set of fonts)
  • Please add to Be Press options for use both sidebars at home page. Like


  • I need target attribute for feature list item. Something like e.g.

    [item icon="icon-network" title="" link="" target="_blank"]

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    Thanks very much  @muffingroup for the random loves. You made me a very happy man :D

    Could you do the same for portfolio posts?
  • Hi Muffingroup. Love the theme and support! I'm working on my second BeTheme Website :)

    Would it be possible to please add the option to "Hide Title Area" in Blog Posts as you have that option for pages? 

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    It would be great if Be has this seek-after feature to define the font face and styles to go with the default English like H1, H2, Paragraph, etc because most of us always want to have our translated language with proper fonts display in multi language site once it's switch back and forth. I believe ppl will spread the word about this feature and it really encourage us to get Be and WPML for our site!

    I know this can be acheived with CSS, but why bother while Be is where we can have it all?!
    I believe most will agree :)
  • The map buidling blox is wonderful as is the contact box. 

    It would be great however if we could add email and telephone number to the map as well; not just the address. The L&F could be just like the contact box otherwise. 

    Would this be easy to implement? Or is there a workaround I can use? 
  • I would like to see the date stamp on the timeline feature stay when viewing from a mobile device.  I have a client that uses the timeline for a calendar but the responsiveness removes the time stamp once it gets small enough for mobile!
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