Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • Hello,

    Could you please add Phosphor Icons as well. They have a great collection of icons, many that Fontawesome doesn't offer.

    Thanks :)

  • Need better ways to filter items in the section loop.

    For example for pages, it would be great to be able to select the parent page when setting up a section loop ... Not having this option really limits the usability of this tool.

  • I need to see defined product by myself in during woo product custom page designing

  • display post update date in post page instead of post publishing date

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    can you add many post template to each pre-built website, it is better if they can be edited via template builder

  • Ability to target custom taxonomies with template builder, please.

  • Hi,

    I believe giving a proper appearance to the Contact Form Upload File/Browse button would be quite important. By default, it does not look good.

    Kind Regards,


  • Please add dynamic content for Video ID (for exemple in the portfolio) compatible with ACF

  • Please change the way Blog archive filters are enabled to support multiple filters (ie Category & Tag but not Author).

    Blog & Portfolio => Blog => Filter

    Should be check box or some other way to enable combinations without needing to display: none;

    Thank you,


  • It would be incredible to be able to add Conditional Logic to different elements in order to display various elements based on different user states:

    • Geolocation
    • Whether the user is logged in or not
    • Depending on the entry date
    • Whether it's the user's first visit or not

    I've attached an image of a plugin called "The Plus" for Elementor that works with BeTheme, but unfortunately, it doesn't have all these functions. Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to add possibility to change products per page quantity for desktop and mobile?

    For online markets it's important!

  • Ability to create custom template for Woocommerce checkout, cart, customer account,

    Ability to edit left cart sidebar

  • It would be great if the Testimonials module operated like the Portfolio module in that the designation of Categories would allow Testimonials to be organized and filtered by type on a single page where all Testimonials display.

  • Only my first product as the demo content for the page BeBuilder template builder, I would like to choose the product to use as the demo content, so I can customise various product templates correctly.

    Just add a drop down at the top to say "Preview product"

  • An option to include a video thumbnail for the portfolio (autoplay, no controls) . Also Similar to the banner box, where the image is replaced with a video 😉

  • Darkmode would be nice!

  • Custom page based on user role - template.

    Can we make a separate page like my-account for customers or subscribers?

    I use another theme and it has an email customizer feature and it is very good. Be theme should have it too.

  • Hello.

    Having the ability to add a “Buy Now” button - which immediately sends the client to place an order, is very convenient if a person needs 1 product and allows him to do it faster, ignoring the cart.

    This is very important for the store.

    Thank you.

  • I agree that for some countries and their policies, it is important to be able to control some content or display options for users.

  • it is possible to add shipping bar to the product page? I mean under button "Add to cart" show something "Buy for €XX and get free shipping!" It the same like in the left sidebar cart.

  • Paid Memberships pro (or any other suggested) membership plugin compatibility would be great

  • It would be good to have time to read the blog post.

  • Hi it would be good if

    1- The footer element options be the same as the header.

    2- for the video section add more options for the cover image and control .

  • Read more that after clicking shows previously hidden part of the paragraph or text

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    You should consider to have the possibility to manage links and layout without typing HTML. It takes a lot of time now. It should also be easy to insert pictures. This is very easy in WP Bakery.

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