Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • write code in the menu and add language options with flags
  • i 2nd this idea from dediger...

    ZOOM BOX updates.

    Currently the Zoom box allows for text after rollover - I would love to be able to have the title show up before rollover and then move up or something with the additional text upon rollover.

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    Hi Muffin Team,

    I find it difficult to style the image in the trailer box, especially the height. Problem is that the image is not located in an extra container. Instead it is directly inserted in the a-tag next to another div-tag:

    <div class="trailer_box ">
    <a href="...">
    <img ... >
    <div class="desc">
    <div class="subtitle">...</div>
    <div class="line">...</div>

    Without java script it's a hastle to change the height of the image.

    It would be much better if the image would be contained in an extra div-tag. Then you could easily define the height and position of the image inside the div-tag through css, right?

  • Being able to copy single items from one page to another (copy/paste) would be great. Thanks!
  • Hi there,

    I'd like to request that in the next update of the BeTheme DJ that the theme options includes a logo section for tablet view under the responsive tab with padding parameters as there is one for mobile but not for tablet which makes things look very weird and not configured correctly. Also in the portrait view and landscape views could be considered as the positioning sometimes changes and so something will need at govern how the logo appears in both views.

  • Please make the menu capable to click on the text to show submenu items.  It is very painful to have to click on the + only as it's hard to see.  People have been asking for this feature for over 4 years and it still hasn't been added.  Easy fix to keep people happy and easy to navigate the site.

    Also we need full font control especially in the menus and mobile menu and submenus.  Font type, Size, custom Colour control...etc...
  • Suggestion: 
    We need in media individual folders to sort the image files, 
    if all image files are in 1 single folder it is a horrible mess (especially in medium and larger projects, you can not work like that).
  • Hello,
    more comments in the code pages and the ability to nest shortcodes
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    Icon boxes - can you added an horizontal align option to the buffin builder item so all content can be centered within its wrap.

    Same as you have done with Column which have text align for desktop and mobile dropdowns.

  • 2 things:

    - a search function in 'theme options'
    - css editor with syntax highlight and error & {} check
  • Hello, It would be great if the default search can look a bit nicer and that you can choose different formats
  • Hello MuffinGroup,
    An important issue is the options for the blog menu tile on home. There are too few. I am using one option which allows the title and some content to pop up with a hover, it works well in general but doesnt work well on mobile, so that it often has one clicking in to the post, all the way. Mobile clients need the option to see the product/post description before clicking - sometimes it works but it is very cumbersome. Please keep in mind that some clients are using blog posts to show products, not just blog posts.


    1. There should be an option that allows mobile blog posts to be displayed in menu differently than other modes.
    2. There should be another option which has the Title and description below in a visually nice concise manner that DOESN'T animate with a picture blur - the picture blur makes no sense at all! That media grid option should do something different with the graphic item when the client hovers or clicks - but certainly not blur.
    3. In general, more menu blog options for each style to include title and/or content in more standard, easy to read ways.
    4. Masonry grid looks really strange, there are no big and small pictures, just medium and a little smaller.

    Please consider the update to be able to move the WP backery content block through the blocks from the muffin builder. It is really limitating to have the WP backery just on the top or bottom because its not possible to add new custom plugins with the muffin builder.

  • Create different top headers where there is a "book button" on the right, dif icons for phone either on the left or right, etc
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    please consider the changes and incorporate them in the template
    good day please see screenshots please consider the changes and incorporate them in the template   please make a possibility to edit (ActionBar) add rooms to put icons to change color and the button contact form 7 or your button from the theme

    the website

  • [ Update to current LinkedIn icon ]


    I've created a website for a client recently, using your fantastic theme as always, and they've pointed out that the LinkedIn icon is outdated and the "in" should be in a specific square as outlined in LinkedIn's visual Identity Guidelines here.

    The other option which BeTheme offering is the "in" in a circle. which LinkedIn asking not to put it in:
    "Our lovely [in] likes to keep it's corners gently rounded just as is. It should never be a circle, a square, a triangle, or a trapezoid."

    Can you please consider having the latest correct LinkedIn icon in your next update.
    Thanks so much and keep up the excellent work!
  • Create a new FAQ style accordian tab please for "Questions & Answers" where there are "Q's" instead of numbers in FAQ item, and "A's" for the answers 
  • Hi there,
    Nice theme.
    It will be good in future update to have an option to set specific slider to single Product category.
    May be an option field in Category admin area for slider revolution.
    Now it is only available to have slider on main shop page. 

  • I would love an Accessibility icon included - Font Awesome has one:

    Or any other wheelchair icon. Right now I use UTF-8 (&#9855;) but it gives a blue background and I'd prefer simple icon.
  • It could be nice if we can have more Phone number entry in the Action Bar - or the possibility to add more Phone number
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    please consider the changes and incorporate them in the template
    good day please see screenshots please consider the changes and incorporate them in the template  ;
    please make a possibility to edit (ActionBar) add rooms to put icons to
    change color and the button contact form 7 or your button from the

    the website

  • Allow to select between em and px sizes as font size in theme options.
    This makes it easier to build responsive sites which scale the fonts based on given screen sizes.

    Pixel sizes are outdated in 2018.

  • Search thru BeTheme Options. Like searching in settings on iPhone
  • 1. Add separation for hundreds at Counter numbers element. Example:300,000, and not 300000 like it now.
    2. Theme settings option > Fonts. When you choose some font that there will be preview of that font.
    3. When you want to duplicate specific section or element with their settings to another page, there is no option except to duplicate whole page with some plugin. I want that there will be option to copy specific section.
     4. Frontend editor - that there will be an option for Front/back/code editor of each page. Sometimes we just add some bold to some word, and to see how will it look I need to save the Muffin's builder window, then save whole page, then to go to the page preview and make refresh.
    5. Visual editor element is awful and very not comfortable to use, the window doesn't opening to the right height, even if I make "V" on some options of a page (what you said to make to make the window opening). There is no enough buttons for editing text and code. Also doesn't work fine at mobile, always making problems.
  • 1., BeCompatible with WP-Members and other membership plugin, please!
    2., Make revisions from builder's content on page update

  • Hi, can you implement an Cookiebot support please.
  • Hello, I would like that Muffin Builder would be compatible with WPML.
  • An option for building complex headers, where you can make a "secondary" menu and make it stick when scrolled down. Like the one Dynamics use in their product pages
  • I'd like to see a possibility to hook into the output of the mfn_builder_print() function - that would allow me to use a lazy load plugin in order to improve page speed.
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