Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • Custom Post Types

    Custom post types, either as Betheme option and/or Betheme and Muffin Builder supporting Custom Post Type plugins.

    Something that is really missing and seeing the amount of questions about it, a feature in demand.

    This would really add value and considering Betheme already has one custom post type (portfolio) also soemthing that is essential to have as extra imo. Elementor supports it too.

  • #Layout Contact Form 7

    Issue: If you are using the acceptance (consent) function: The send button has the same color if you are accepted or not. Without beTheme the send button will be greyed out if you are not accepted the acceptance part.

    With beTheme send button is both conditions accepted and not accepted same. It is a bit confusing for some people why the button is there an do not send, if the acceptance is not checked. Please add an option to greyout - chose a clolor if not accepted - in beTheme settings.

    Or is there a way to add custom CSS for this?

    Thank you.

  • I wish there were a feature to limit the search scope to posts or tags when inserting the search bar.

  • I wish details on hover at flat portfolio style please!!

  • edited February 2022

    Open the side cart only after receiving the request form ?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments, not after admin-ajax.php, this because on slow websites, the side cart need at least 1 second to update (to indefinite time) to show the product added to the cart.

    Or at least, add a loading animation on the side cart while waiting for the response form ?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments

    Show errors (translatable) via AJAX under the add to cart button or in the side cart, when the request failed to be added to the cart due to these reasons:

    • Timeout of the server, 503 response, or any other problem related to the response to the request made to admin-ajax.php
    • When a product is out of stock
  • the law on the gdpr does not allow the loading of third-party cookies. your google maps element does not allow conditional map loading. it is extremely urgent to insert a 'load map on user consent' option. A button would also sufficent which, if clicked, shows the map with any cookies. Many sites are at risk of penalties.

  • I want only add that in my experience, the 403 (forbidden) response frequently coincides with the product out of stock.

  • Currently, the mega menu of betheme has only 1lvl depth, and there is no option to add submenus for menu items.

    We would like this feature in the future updates.


  • I will suggest you , add the function in the blog slider. How many slides per view? it should be in a blog slider builder function. So we can select either we want to show 5 slides per view or 4 slides per view. Now there is a total number of slides function but not per view slides. Please add this in your next update.

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    Can we have the swatches hide or blur or on a single product page? you requested to post here.

    apparently, the first link is your variation and the second is a plugin we use. we want the product to function same as the link of the second page.

    single product page:(not working)

    Audrey Hepburn - Art Noirs

    “I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”

    combo product page: (working)

    please prefer to this ticket that we submitted before.

    you requested to post here.

  • Hello,

    How can add phone icon on the Sticky shop menu?


  • Column Text - Format

    When I need to enclose text between p or h1-h6 tags, this "Format" drop-down menu is very useful. However, I think it would be good for this menu to close automatically as soon as I select the desired item. This would speed up the work if, for example, I have a text where there is a heading, a paragraph, then another heading and two paragraphs ...

    Now I have to click on the text window area every time to close the drop-down menu and I can select the next part of the text.


  • // Muffin Builder - element editing window

    Is it possible to change the height of the window when editing elements to full height of the screen?

    With the latest update and all the dropdowns for editing the element settings in tab ADVANCED it isn't easy to navigate and keep the focus.


  • Please make widget content visible in BeBuilder view, instead of showing ugly gray boxes. Thanks!

  • Please incorporate the following in a future update.

    How can you make the footer columns on mobile in 2 columns to help keep the footer shorter? If you have it 1/4, 1/4, 1/4 and 1/4 on desktop, but then go to mobile people have to scroll and scroll to see each section. If it's all text links to navigate around the site it could be condensed in a much cleaner format with 2, 3 or 4 columns with smaller font. 

  • Add a Increment Quantity Buttons on Product list shop option!

    On more website, the customer add more quantity direct from the page shop!

    So, i belive that will be a good option!

    Many regards

  • Show the products on grid view on search page result  livesearch.

    That will be more easy to navigate on the page!

    Many regards

  • I have several suggestions:

    1) List in documentation all classes you use, even give a sass file or similiar where you can customize them and integrate in a child theme or custom design based on betheme. Great for developers

    2)A "dunno how to call it" option to override all styles an js so you can add snippets of your own, kinda WP content but with nothing prebuilt.

  • I have a great suggestions in order to improve UX regarding the product filters. It would be nice that when a product is not active in a specific category, the attributes specific to that product to not be shown in the filter. For exemple you have the filter Color, that have the options Blue, Red and Green. But you have products active only for Blue and Red. In this case, only options Blue and Red should have been shown for selection. It is frustrating for clients to select a filter, and to not receive any results. He would think that his time is wasted by the site.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    It would be great to modify intro header for single posts or having the possibility to make our own intro header.


  • Please, allow to customize the number of columns for related products in single product page. Now it is only available 3 columns, and 4 would be more accurate for big screens. Thanks!


    It would be very interesting that for the section backgrounds, when you want to put a video, in addition to the option of putting a local video, you could also put one from Vimeo.


  • It would be really good if it were possible to select the product variation and add it to the cart from the archive page. That means, adding the add to cart icon next to the variations dropdown (under product image). Right now, when selecting a variation in the dropdown, it redirects to the single product page.

    This option usually helps to increase sells, as it becomes easier and faster for customers to place the order.

    Thank you!

  • A custom Search bar using AJAX instead of the default wordpress search bar.

    And a more customizable mega menu or integrate another plugin

  • I would like to suggest a redirect to check-out when a product has been added to the cart to make a simpler check-out flow.

    Thanks for all your great work.

  • Hello,

    it would be cool to have an option to put a product short description on an overlay, that appears on mouse hover on top of the product image.



    As an idea in case you want to value it: it would be great if this option or several of these, if they are related to the BeBuilder that is indicated.

    For example, in this case, it would be great if in the BeBuilder, in the Box Shadow section, there is an indication that it is activated by default in the builder configuration.

    It is an idea that can be matured and specified, but I think it would be nice to have these types of "tips" as reference help (even if it is very basic).

    Related/More details on this topic:

  • Link Attribute function for links and button.

    Please add Link attribute for links and button it need for better SEO

    more info you can read here:

  • You should add more options for responsive website.

    Like setting a global font size for mobile, because doing it on every text element is way too long

  • Clarification suggestion in BeBuilder of post Problem Hover Color Block Stretch Element

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