Breadcrumbs issue

Breadcrumbs on single product pages show by default HOME | Product-Category | (NAME OF PRODUCTS)

how can I display all the categories so Parent category | sub category | subcategory | (NAME OF PRODUCT)




  • Hi,

    Are you talking about the breadcrumbs in a single product template?

    If yes, it will be fixed in the next update, but if you want us to fix it on your website, please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.


  • Sent a PM via the link above.

  • The breadcrumbs are fixed on your website.

    Please, check it out.


  • Thank you very much!

  • Ive got another small issue. Ive set the category APPLE to have a display type as subcategories, but when I go to the parent category Phone parts I cannot see the subcategory APPLE inside it and is displaying some random products. How can I fix this?

    Parent category:

  • I have checked that category and the products that have the Apple category assigned to them are displayed.

    Is the display from my screenshot incorrect?

    If yes, can you describe your problem in more detail, please?


  • Yes this is the correct page but when we open this link for Phone parts, I want the subcategories like APPLE, Alcatel, Motorola etc to be shown here and not the products inside of them. Also the above products shown in the picture above are from several subcategories under the parent category Phone Parts

  • Please, go to Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Catalog, and change the Category display to Show subcategories.


  • Ive done this already but its still showing just products, what else can i try?

  • Please, create a template for that category, add the Shop Categories element, select the parent category, and assign this template to the Apple category.

    Under the following link, you can find how to create shop archive categories.

    Best regards

  • I think maybe i wasnt able to explain myself correctly, here is what I want to happen:

    When a user clicks on Phone Parts on our website, I want them to see a page only showing the SUBCATEGORIES inside phone parts, so APPLE, NOKIA, MOTOROLA, SONY etc not all the products in phone parts. How can I acheive this?

    Ive tried the above making a category template but it allows only products to be shown not subcategories

  • Ive set this Appearance -> Customize -> WooCommerce -> Product Catalog, and change the Category display to Show subcategories.

    But still dont see subcategories

  • I've still got a slight issue with this also. The breadcrumb is showing one subcategory only, and not the 2nd subcategory.

    For example this product:

    shows the breadcrumb its showing:

    Home/Phone Parts/Apple/For Apple iPhone X Charging Flex

    Correct one should be:

    Home/Phone Parts/Apple/iPhone X & XR Parts/For Apple iPhone X Charging Flex

    how can we fix this ?

  • 1) Is this the display you want to achieve?

    I have created a template on your website, where I put the shortcode for the subcategories in the Column Text item.

    You can find this shortcode under the following link:

    I named this template "Betheme support" and changed it to draft because I did not want to change your website display, but you can change it to published, and see how it works.

    2) Please assign it only to the last sub-category. It will be "iPhone X & XR Parts" in this case. Then the breadcrumb's path will be correct.

    On the default WP theme, it works in the same way:


  • Thanks, so

    1) Does this mean we need to make a template for each category we want to achieve the look which you have made above, because on the default wordpress theme if we set a category Display type to Subcategories then we automatically get the appearance you created as a draft template called "Betheme support"

    2) Okay so if i select the last subcategory a product is in then it displays the full breadcrumb as normal, but then doesnt highlight the main menu as it does if all the categories and subcategories are selected. Is this a bug because normally the correct way would be to select all the Parent categories and subcategories to show the full breadcrumb of a product,

  • 1) If you want to use templates on your website, then yes, you will have to create them for each category. But if you do not need templates, then the default display should show the subcategories if you set it in the Appearance -> Customize.

    However, I have switched to a default theme, and the display there shows the products only.

    2) As I showed in the last screenshot from the previous message, it works the same way in the default theme.

    So, if these behaviors work the same on the default theme, it means that is not Betheme related problem. In that case, I suggest contacting WooCommerce support instead.

    Best regards

  • 1) Please see the issue with more screenshots, BETHEME does not behave the same way as default theme does. I want it to work just like default theme, is this something we can do?

  • Sorry, I forgot about this setting in the Category option.

    You have an active template assigned to your shop archive (so to the categories too).

    When you disable it, the display is like this:

    Best regards

  • Yes this works but how can I get the page to be the same width as with the template it was a fixed width not fluid across the whole page, I didnt set any width in the template even, just made it and saved it with default settings.

  • You need to edit the main shop page and disable the Full-Width option.

    Best regards

  • Thank you very much, worked! Just one more thing on this, is there a way to hide the number of products inside a subcategory which ive marked on the screenshot below?

  • Please, use the following CSS code:

    .archive .product-category .count{
       display: none;


  • Perfect much obliged !

  • How do I get this sorting on my shop also?

  • Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Shop -> Product list, and check if you do not have List sorting set to be hidden.


  • hqlhql
    edited May 2022

    Perfect, thank you very much !!

    Just a css related issue ive noticed so if you open: scroll down a little so the sticky header is activated and then scroll backup a small white space is added under the menu, how can I fix this?

  • To hide the category title also would this be the best css??

    .woocommerce ul.products li.product .woocommerce-loop-category__title{

     display: none;


  • Also is it possible to hide category title on a specific page or will this CSS hide it on all category pages?

  • 1)

    #Top_bar .menu_wrapper{
       min-height: 50px!important;

    2) Yes, this CSS is correct, but it will hide the title on all pages. If you want to hide it on specific pages, you need to find a unique class for a particular page, and add it to your CSS code.

    Best regards

  • 1) Thank you !!

    2) could you help me find the unique class on this page to hide titles only on this page:

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