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How to import demo slider into Be|theme using Revolution Slider?

Notice! This is important. Since Revolution Slider 4.0 instead of .txt files you should upload .zip what is much better solution because all settings for slider, images, etc comes with this file. Inside main package downloaded from Themeforest you have /revolution-slider-demo/ folder and inside are different sliders. Just pick up slider you like and import into Revolution Slider.



For more details, about new 5.0 version please visit

Step 1 – Go the the Revolution Slider tab in your WordPress Admin and click the Import Slider button.

Step 2 – Choose the .zip file of the slider you would like to import.

Step 3 – Once you have chosen the .zip file, an Import Slider button will appear.

Step 4 – Click the Import Slider button and wait.

Step 5 – Once the uploading finished, you will see your imported slider in the list of Revolution Sliders.


  • Where can i get
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  • Thanks! i missed checking the theme package :-P 
  • Hi there, I  just bought this theme yesterday. After I unzip the slider-demo folder, there was a list of categories e.g hotel, lawyer etc.. and inside each of them there is slider_export.txt - do I import this?
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  • @muffingroup Thanks, do I upload every single of the zip files? and save the titles according to their category? 

    Title: Hotel1
    Alias: hotel1

    I have imported the demo xml but the pages and footers are not looking right. could you take a look at my website and tell me what's wrong?
  • @muffingroup

    I managed to fix the footers, but the menu on top is still up the shoots.
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  • @muffingroup 

    All I did was import the demo xml and my menu was already not in order. You can take a look at my URL:
  • After I set permissions to 777,

    the fonts on my sliders are drastically reduced. Why is this happening?

  • @muffiingroup

    I have revoked permissions back to 7 5 5 and after turning off Load Google Fonts, I got back the original fonts. But the menu is still giving me a lot of pain.
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  • hi:

    I'm trying to import the sliders but all I get is this message: error wrong export slider format. this could be caused because the zipArchive extension is not enabled.
  • edited June 2014
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  • My Revolution Slider looks very different than your instructions. I don't have a "New" button. 
    I only see "how to use the slider," "Version information," "need Premium support and auto updates?" 

    Please help. 
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  • Hello, 
    I love the demo sliders, but I am missing the Creative slider. It wasn't inculded when I downloaded the files. 
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  • It appears to me this video is out of date (and of very poor quality too).... so please update your info. It's been hours trying to figure out how to install the dummy content for the slider.... quite frustrating .... and not my idea of a 1-Click install ....

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  • Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong section.

    When I try to import slider I get following message:

    "importing slider setings and data...
    Error: Wrong export slider file format!"

    Can you please help me?
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  • Hi,
    I tried to upload the .zip file of the sliders, but the page will skip to a new page shows below content:

    importing slider setings and data...
    Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.
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  • edited August 2014
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  • OK I was able to import the demo sliders and everything but the revolution slider seems to be misbehaving in the following ways:
    • NONE of the layers for each individual slide show in the editing area.
    • There is no "Change Image" button to change out the main background
    • It does not do ANYTHING when I click on Update Slide
    Any ideas on why it is behaving like this? None of my other sites using this latest version of Revslider do this.
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  • This is CRAZY.  I have worked with several themes in the past and i MUST say that this is the most complicated theme i have seen. 

    Importing the RIGHT SLIDER is nowhere to be found.

    I see so many people asking the same questions.  I am not happy with muffingroup responses, seems like a lot of YOU SHOULD KNOW or similar.

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  • edited January 2015
    IN my theme package the only folder related to revolution slider is a demo folder - within this are 5 zipfiles - home, blog, splash etc.  I've tried uploading these to my plugins folder but they do not appear as plugins in my admin area of the site.  There should be an actual revolution slider zip file should there not - I can't seem to install the plugin from what was supplied with the theme package - please clarify.
    Nevermind - I finally figured this out - it seems the only way to actually get the plugin file and not demo files is to press the link in the message at the top - "BEGIN INSTALLING PLUGINS"
    That's a very limited way to ensure users can get their plugin installed.  If I had clicked to close that warning I don't know how I could have installed it at all.
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