Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • address information would be helpful SEO-wise.
  • Infinite scrolling for blog posts would be awesome. 

  • Hi,

    You guys are doing great additions. It would be great if you can add one option

    Woocommerce Catalog Mode

  • It would be great to have a separate mobile menu option and additional width columns eg 1/5, 1/6, for the 1200px grid
  • I hope you add an option to hide the cart icon in the header until there is something placed in the cart. It doesn't make sense to have a link to an empty cart.
  • @trodat This icon comes with WooCommerce plugin. If you don`t use this plugin because you don`t need shop possibilities on your page, then icon is not visible. But if you want to use shop and only don`t want this icon in header, then please have a look at where we described how to remove it.
  • Some people like to use the Shop (including myself) as an online catalog (as well as possummultimedia here) without the option to purchase things. The option to hide the add to cart button would be a great feature to add I completely agree with trodat. I have taken the liberty of adding the custom CSS to my theme in order to manually remove it. But the toggle would be nice for those who don't know much about CSS.

    Regarding the shop feature of the theme...

    Adding an AJAX navigation like the portfolio (exactly like the portfolio) would be nice as an alternative masonry and or grid layout style. I think this layout style would be very nice to choose from.

    I've had to use a plugin called Grid FX to do this. Shop Grids and alternative Shop Layouts (like the portfolio options in the backend) would set this theme off even more than it already is. Right now it is disconnected and I cannot use the Grid FX and send the "Back to List" back to the Grid FX page, as it returns to the default shop's product page.
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    i suggest for:
    - WHMCS integration
    - Accordion menu widget 

    oo once more, ability to customize the search form on header, if possible i would like to change the search form to old traditional look of form

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    Another suggestion for a future update:

    - Sub Menu Active Link Color. It would be nice for the sub menu item corresponding to the page you are at to be highlighted, standing out from the rest.
  • I agree with the woocommerce catalog only option with no ecommerce.
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    Option for Countdown
    That the timer is not counting up to date, and counting the day after the opening page. It would be nice to use on the "thank page" after sending the contact form:

    Thank you for your interest. We will contact you within 24 hours:
    23h 59m 56s

    Can also be used for fast sales 

    Time before the end of special price: 39m 59s
    Countdown forty minutes from the page opening

    It is desirable to store information about a visitor in a cookies. To prevent the new timer to the same visitor on reboot page
  • Please add more layers to the multi-level menu dropdowns.
  • Dear Santa I would like have:
    1. a real slider for the Portfolio Slider section, with arrows, bullets and autoplay.
    2. The possibility to change the font for the Heading;
    3. the possibility to set the layout (for example with the right sidebar) for all website and change this option for each page, now is the opposite.
    4. a better megamenu, with a pics for each columns
    5. an header menu with both banner and second menu;
    6. a gallery slideshow inside the page, generally more option for the image.
    Thanks for everything, I was too good !!

  • Please add for breadcrumbs
  • Would love the ability to use different menu styles on different pages. For example, a site that has a page using the transparent menu, another page using creative menu, another using classic menu, etc.

    And also, the ability to change the font colors of the menus on that page. For example, one page has a dark header image so the menu uses light fonts, and then another page has a light header and so uses dark fonts in menu.

  • @coloradocc This is possible of course. We added this possibility quite long time ago. When you create/edit page, you can choose "Custom layout" in "Page options" section. But layouts can be created in "Layout" section which is available in main wp dashboard menu which is on left side.
  • You guys are incredible. I can't imagine this theme getter any better and yet, you constantly improve it and you never cease to amaze me. I'm going to go give you a 5 star review. You truly deserve and more people need to know how amazing your themes and customer support is! I am in awe! Thank you
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    Thanks a lot @marius7 :) Truly appreciate it!
  • I suggest for a new header layout:
    Header with logo and header right
    and below the header is full width background menu.

  • There should be more freedom to position the logo.
  • Dear Muffingroup,

    First of all, great theme !

    That said, I think you can add a very interesting feature : A php script for mobile/tablet detection (like this one :

    Because, I know when we add a section in anypage, we can edit the visibility of the the section (hide on desktop, hide on mobile, etc.) But this is only a CSS hide, so the content is loaded and this is not a good practice. It would be much better if the content wouldn't be hide but not loaded. And I think It shouldn't be hard to dot it.

    And also, I think it should be a good idea to add this same visibility feature on an item too.

    Thank you
  • @evalmont Did you tried to install this plugin into theme? Because maybe it works with current theme version.
  • I think it should work, but not with the muffin builder tool, I will look more deeply into it.
  • @evalmont Muffin Builder accept shortcodes so it should work there as well.
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    Yes, but I need to use the Builder >>SEO tool to convert all the items into a content. And then I can use the shortcode, for example :
    [notphone] my generated content [/notphone]. It works, but if I want to add an item or edit with the Muffin Builder, a need to regenerate again. It's not complicated, but I think it could be better. I'm working on a suggestion, if you want, I can send it to you when it's done.
  • I've made something pretty good, so now I can not only hide the section in CSS but also not loading it with a php conditional. And I think this solution is far better then a CSS one, because with this method, the content aren't loaded, so the page is faster. Some screenshots.

    Admin view :

    Code :

  • @evalmont Of course we understand but your changes won`t allow you to make updates in the future because you will lose those changes. However we`ll think about this solution in default theme version. Thanks for suggestion!
  • It would be pretty awesome if you could apply jQuery-Stuff on Icons. For example on the List-elements. I would love to see the arrows spinning. I mean this one: icon-arrows-ccw

    Also more VC support should be done. Animations and some other options are still missing in VC :-/
  • thanks for adding catalog mode.

    i need one more option and i believe a lot of other asked for it too

    we need a footer have added option to hide footer social icons but it would be great if we can have a footer menu instead as there is an option for social in several places and we dont need one more

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