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How to re-create one of full demo pages? [BeTheme Demo Data]



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    Seriously? How does this supposed one click actually work and please don't refer to the instructions in this thread cause they tell me squat, seems mission impossible to recreate one of your demos with just the one click and those demos and the promise of a one click install was the reason for purchasing this theme in the first place! 
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  • Hi! My problem: I want to use demo "Cleaner", but I don't see it in install. I had bought them in august ,2014, and this demo is new: so, can I use this demo and how?
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  • ok, thanks) Sorry, that I so uneducated, but how to update theme?
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  • How can I delete the demo after I install it? I tried to install a couple of demo back to back, now I have tons of pages, menu etc and don't want to deal with it one by one
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  • Is there a way to turn off the counter on quick facts item? Let's say when you assign a number it counts from 0 to the number. I don't want to show it counting.
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  • Is it possible to use the demo pages instead of the content I had on previously with my old theme?
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  • image

    I tried to import the bar demo and I'm seeing a lot of differences
    • Missing Background
    • Missing quote of week block
    • missing the sections with images below the "see what we've got for you "section (hot dogs, darts and drinks)
    • There is a bunch of extra garbage on the footer

    This is a fresh install with nothing else having been done whatsoever yet -- so what am I supposed to do differently so that it loooks exactly the same?
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  • @stahltony This is definitely weird because it shouldn't look like this. How exactly you imported this demo? Did you used one click installation feature of BeTheme Demo Data section? If this is what you did, have you got any information/warnings/errors while import?

    @ Demo data section - Yes
    @ Warnings, none whatsoever.
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  • What email address do you want me to use to send the private message?
  • I didn't see Be|Vision demo data, any Chance to get that
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  • Hi I want to use BeFix and import demo data. I don't see it anywhere? I downloaded all the XML demo content but with no luck for Fix?
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  • Hi There,
    I am trying to install the Yoga demo. I go be theme demo data then demo then yoga I have not downloaded attachments I then press import demo data and the page then loads but when finished its blank - Is this correct ?
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  • HI I have contacted my hosting administrator who says there is no limited to the FTP - any suggestions as to why it is not working?
    Many Thanks
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  • Hi I have also tried re installing the theme several times but it is still not working. Any thoughts?
  • Ok, How do I do this - do you have a private message board?
    Shall I send you a link to my WP dashboard and to my FTP dashboard?
    many Thanks
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    I have the "Finance" demo theme installed and looks good, however I cannot figure out how to edit the slides. There is no slides under the Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, Featured Image or anywhere in the Home Page, Widget settings or BeTheme Options. I searched the documentation but cannot find it.  I want to replace the default/demo image of the man (home_finance_slider2) to another image.  Great theme.  Thank you!
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