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How to re-create one of full demo pages? [BeTheme Demo Data]



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  • I followed the instructions but did it three times by accident. Now everything is showing up in triplets. How do I get rid of this and make it singular?
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  • Hello, I'm following your instruction and i'm looking for revolution-slider-demo for be theme "story" but i can t find it could you help me please ? i have all the others revolution slider content except this one ?
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  • Hello,
    I imported the bakery content and all the pages seem fine except for the home page. it is blank and there is nothing on the page. How can i get the demo content for the home page
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    I have followed step one and step 2 and my website still doesn't look like the demo. I am trying to get it to look like be yoga - I figured it out - I had to reinstall wordpress and it seemed to solve the problem.
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    I deleted BE theme and reinstalled and did the import again. it seems all is OK now. I wanted to know how i can change the color of the header. 
    Here is the screenshot of the header border that i would like to change the color
    not sure if image is coming out but here is the link ;
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  • here is the site i am working on.  I would like to change the overall color to blue. I clicked on blue skin in theme skin but not much changed. I noticed that the wave at the bottom of the header is an image. I am not sure if there is a easier way of changing the color. 

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  • Hi, thanks for the great theme and support you provide :)

    I have an issue with importing the demos - after initiating the process I always end up with a blank screen on my WP dashboard (left menu column stays, but the rest of the screen is completely blank, no matter how long I wait). I tried it many times, reinstalled WP and the theme, and tried to import various demos. It looks like the importer locks sometime during the process and doesn't complete it. The main content seems to be imported (and I added the Revolution Sliders as well), but none of the options is properly set, so I have to try to configure it manually, which is very hard to guess how to set correctly.

    Do you have any ideas what might be causing the problem? I guess it is some server or configuration issue, because I tested the import process on a different server and it works OK (but I can't use the other one for my site). Thanks.
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  • Hi, I don't find the demo data for Be Agro and Be Media. There's another way to download?
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  • I am trying to recreate the Be Spa theme, but I'm having trouble. The Slider cannot be disabled to allow for the background image. How do I override it for the homepage?
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  • Hello

    First of all sorry for my english.

    I installed the theme that I recently purchased. I installed the required plugings but when I go to BeTheme Import Demo Data and I chose the demo I want and then and then I press the blue button "import demo data" nothing appears. It seems that begins to charge something, but no, nothing stays the screen.
    It is the second time I buy the theme and I did it without problems on another website.
    My Worpdress is 4.2.2

  • I managed to do it but I can select "import attachments" The theme that I'm working on is "Store"
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    Hi how can i build "bejet" demo,, i cant find in xml or demo data?
  • I cant find out where are the revolutions slider demos to import can you please define step by step how to get it ??
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    A client of mine bought another license of your theme for me to set it to the site following the demo Vision, but the import was quite different from the demo. Follow the procedures in the manual, but it was not anything like that. can you help me?

    see the screenshot:
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  • hi how to get latest version of demo data, looks like cosmetics and others not include in my betheme version. thanks
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  • I imported two demos and didn't know the 2nd demo would be added to the first so the website looks like a mess. How do I get rid of both and just have one demo theme at a time? Thanks
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  • Hi,
    I'm using the latest version but I can't get the pages to appear as the demo no matter what I do.

    Here is what I did/tried:
    - Fresh installation of WP via cPanel addons.
    - Activated the plugins that are (required) by BeTheme in advance successfully, and installed WooCommerce plugin aswell.
    - Uploaded theme file, uncompressed and activated it.
    - From "BeTheme Import Demo Data", selected "Demo" + "Cosmetics" + "Import attachments" --> results: imported successfully with a notification bar.
    - From "RevoSlider", imported "" from the "demos" folder.

    I tried all of this again and again with different orders, deleted the theme folder and tried it different times, installed the Wordpress Database Reset plugin and resetted all tables also different times.. 

    No matter what I did, I can't get the "BeCosmetics" theme to look like the original demo.

    Here are some screenshots:

    I wasn't expecting to spend couple of days trying to figure out what's wrong and eventually have to contact you for support.
    I have already read most of the questions and answers in this topic but I couldn't find any answer that solved my problem.

    Your thorough answer is appreciated.
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