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How to re-create one of full demo pages? [BeTheme Demo Data]



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    @muffingroup My server is actually able to call wp_remote_get() successfully.

    I've taken your note and executed this:
    $response = wp_remote_get( '' );
    if( is_array($response) ) {
      $header = $response['headers']; // array of http header lines
      $body = $response['body']; // use the content
    and the function was executed and I could see the var dumps on the screen.

    So what else could be wrong?

    I've imported options/widgets/content according to the link you gave me and the pages are almost as the original demo. The menu however is still messed up 

    Something is wrong with the menu HTML and classes

    Activating this option "Main Menu | depth 5 (Header Overlay 1)" solved the menu problem.
    However I still wonder why importing the demo options was not working using the automated importer?
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  • edited July 2015
    @muffingroup, how do I confirm what limitations are we talking about?

    I run my own VPS on my own dedicated server. How can I tell what requires updating?

    Any recommended settings?
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  • Hi!  Just tried Importing the "Energy" demo, but none of the images are working.  The media was imported into the media library, and the slider is working fine (imported via the revolution slider "import" option), but the images are simply not showing up on any of the "Energy" pages.

  • Solved it.  The required images were downloaded into 'wp-content/uploads' rather than 'wp-content/uploads/2014/12' (where the demo pages were referencing).  Perhaps this is due to the fact that I had previously turned off "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders" within the Wordpress "Media Settings" panel?
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  • Hi there, I'm quite new to Wordpress so I don't hope I bother you too much with this probably easy issue;
    I like the boxes which are used in the BeTheme Demo ( But to have these same hoovers, which Demo Data should I install?
    I see at the Layout-page that there's one called 'Default' but that one is not in the demo data list.
    I hope that you can help me out.
    Ps: other question. If I just want a simple slider (1 or 2 images) which slider should I use?
    Thank you for your help.
    BR Jolanda - Netherlands
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  • You have to import both sliders from original downloaded material, it is not included with the 1 click demo installation.  Go to rev Slider in wordpress - click import under the folder theme sliders - (1) spa and (2) spa content.
  • Hi, 

    Almost done with my demo over here, only one issue...

    When importing the slider i got this message: 
    The PHP ZipArchive extension is required to import .zip files.

    I've already contacted my host and The PHP ZipArchive extension is activated on the server.
    PHP ois compiled again but the error message is still there.

    How to import / install the slider?

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  • @muffingroup,

    Thanks for you reply!

    As I mentioned, ZipArchive extension is installed and it still doesn't work :(
    I know that it's not a theme related issue ... but is there a alternative way (without using ZipArchive for example) to install the slider?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I have imported one demo, but would like to change to a different one removing the previous demo data. Is there an easy way to do this?
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  • Hi, I have installed the newest BeTheme but in the Appearance menu there is no BeTheme Demo Data option. What could be the problem?  Thank you
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  • Ohhhhh, thanks a lot, that was the problem!!! :)
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  • Is there anyway to get a refund? This theme is by far the worst experience I had ever.  
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    • The revolution slider won't work no matter what I do. 
    • SEO text just duplicate  
    • Favicon won't work no matter what I do 
    I tried multiple times now even long after. We don't need a big website just a simple brand site with pictures and about us. 

    Had no problems with other themes before this :( 
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  • Hello, can I use more demos for one website?

  • I want to create more combinations from the layouts that are available for the theme, I want to use it for the different pages in my website. Is it possible to use more demos for making the web page. Thank you for the quick answer and have a nice day. :-D 
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  • Thank you 
  • Are there step by step instructions to import The Spa slider into the theme (or any slider into any theme)? I have the slider setup but it is not showing up on the homepage. I am trying to exactly recreate The Spa demo and then customize from there. Let me know and thanks for the help!
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