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  • Hey @NatasaR1

    did you tried Decrease fonts option in Betheme > Theme Options > Responsive > General section? If you will enable this option, it would decrease all fonts automatically on mobile :)

  • Thanks, that helped me a lot :)

  • I would appreciate the ability to disable the lightbox for mobile devices. Since the images are displayed in only one column on the mobile phone, while covering almost the entire width of the display, the subsequent display in the modal window seems unnecessary, in addition, it reduces user comfort.

  • The possibility to disable Google Fonts, so that also the linking in the head is removed and no connection to the api is established.

  • Table of Contents To Improve Content Readability

  • I'm very happy that my suggestion are taken in consideration and developed. In particular with the single page import.

    I want to suggest a little improvement of this function, that by the way is great:

    1. add the option to import also the images
    2. if it's used custom CSS in that page, add it to the theme options custom CSS (not replacing the current one). In particular, check if there are defined the classes in custom CSS, in a way to not add multiple times the custom styles.
  • Hi, I updated the theme to the version 25.0, and beside the function of WooCommerce builder is exciting, the function of the custom swatches creates conflicts with an existing plugin that I installed and paid that does that.

    So is very useful to allow to disable the function in the Theme Options > Global > Advanced > Theme functions

    Don't get me wrong, the function of the custom swathes is great, but In my case overrides the plugin setting.

  • In the changelog, add the file changed/added/removed as before.

    Is useful in case of a backup restore to know in particular the new files added.

  • Close the popup of user option, when is clicked the cart icon

  • Make the “Remove” string translatable

    I didn't find the sting to translate in WPML, either in BeTheme options

  • edited August 2021

    Add the option to use an icon for the logged-in user instead of user pic in the shop header icons.

    Because, by default, the user can't change his icon.

    So set the same icon for logged-out user

  • Add the option of AJAX “Add to cart” button that opens the side cart when a product is added to cart.

  • Add to condition for displaying shop archive template the product attributes value

  • Fix this glitch for the sticky wrap, when the page not start loading from the very top.

  • This is the most correct behave. If you refresh page on scroll (what btw is not normal behave), there is JS being used to count all necessary things to make the wrap sticky. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid this behave on page refresh.

  • Allow in the color picker the usage of CSS variables.

    In particular now is “half-allowed”, because you can use a CSS variable with var(--varname), and save and view the correct result; but if you reload the (Muffin and Live) editor, the color option result empty, and upon saving the post/page you emptied the color.

    So, if a color it's saved in the database, the color should be displayed in its field.

  • Make long press on “+” or “-” buttons to continue incrementing or decrementing the quantity

  • I would like to have to option to adjust animation loading time. It's a huge down without this feature.

  • It's great template editor for product pages, but I want to suggest some features that will make it more powerful:

    Make all the text content of the page callable by a shortcode. In example, you can create a shortcode for the product short description, product content, additional information, price, sale price, product title.

    In this way, you can use the shortcode in other blocks, for example the tabs, for changing the order, etc.

  • edited September 2021

    Add the function to order the social icons in Theme Options, possibly with drag-n-drop.

    You add a section titled “Icons order”, in which there are the icons of the social with a link that can be dragged to be ordered in the desired way.

    Add rel="noopener" for target="_blank" for security reasons.

  • Add the option to use different units beside PX for all (theme options, Sections, Wraps, Items).

    For me, the units available should be:

    Essentials: %, em, rem

    Optional: vvw, wh

  • I know that some stuff I'm asking is more focused for expert users, so I think that you develop a function like in Slider revolution

    that if you hover on the option, you have a more detailed explanation,.

  • hello,

    would like to use sticky css code but dosen't work in muffin builder be theme

    see conversation :

  • hello,

    suggestion for header builder :

    • more custom 1, 2 or 3 columns
    • set size of columns (in pourcent)
    • align left center right
    • style default setting parameter per item : for exemple for button text color button color memorize when you use it on each menu default or sitcky desktop or mobile or tablet paramters is already set


  • add more social icon in share box. Like whats app, telegram, instagram, email, print box and ...

  • Get the option to Collapse mobile version menu after selecting.

  • Make the search covert numbers and dates in strings.

    Allow to search by product SKU, if WooCommerce is active.

  • Ability to change # of columns on WooCommerce product page. Right now there's an option for 3 or 4 columns. I'm asking for a slider that lets you put any number of columns (I was trying to set it to 6 columns).

    I know this can be done with CSS, but a built-in solution would be ideal.

  • I would love to see a comments 'item' or a small floating icon I can add to my pages that I have open to members. I would love to hear what they have to say as they use each section of what we offer to them. I have seen this on other WordPress sites.


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