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  • Wish it was possible to trigger a popup from the Top Bar - Action Button. I see that requests for this (or similar?) feature dates back to mid-2010. Any updates on if/ when this feature will be added?

  • Your template builders (can only speak to Header and Footer) should have AT LEAST the same functionality as the default theme options.

    I have spent huge amounts of time creating a custom header and footer only to discover that your template builder lacks the default options I need/ want. For example, there is no option to add a back to top button in my custom footer. I see that someone else has a comment about this in the discussion forum.

  • Templates list

    Why is the template list limited with a max-width of 1140px?

    Results are large gaps and additionally if adding more columns to list the text becomes unreadable/broken.

    Ideally it should be full width.

  • I would love to have the ability to use BeBuilder to add sections, wraps, and elements within tabs and accordions.

  • There is no "Dynamic Data" field option available on the Video element at the moment.

    Is it possible to have that field added to allow custom fields to populate it? Specifically from ACF?

  • Would it be possible to add a range of simple text modifications for dynamic data?

    My specific scenario would be to use the name of a brand of a product in an image URL, where the brand name would have spaces swapped for hyphens and set to lower case.

    This could be in the format of allowing some standard PHP/WP functions to be called on the output.

    Perhaps a format such as {field_name|strtolower,sanitize_title}

    That would then convert an example string from something like "Burger King" to "burger-king".

    This would be hugely powerful in allowing greater use of custom fields from ACF.

  • Can you allow the ability to disable a section, wrap or element from being outputted on the front end?

    WP Bakery Page Builder used to allow for a way to disable a row.

    This was greatly useful when certain rows were only required for certain periods of time - quickly disabling the row and enabling the row in-situ was a handy feature.

    To be clear, this is not about "display:none", or "hiding" the section, it is about preventing it from being in the source code whatsoever.

  • With Dynamic Data and the integration with ACF, is it possible to have "conditional" elements, wraps or sections?

    For example, a portfolio item with a YouTube video ID custom field is great to have, but there is a possibility that not every portfolio item has that field filled in.

    An "Advanced" tab section with "Conditional Output" would be good (and would also take into account my previous suggestion).

    Perhaps some logic of:

    • Output
      • Default (Yes)
      • No
      • Condition
    • Condition 1
      • {field_name}
      • equals/does not equal/is blank/is not blank/contains (dropdown)
      • value
    • Condition 2 (and/or)
    • Condition 3 (and/or)
    • ...
  • Add in Twitter's new 'X' icon to the default Muffin icons (without the need to use FontAwesome - which also could be updated).

    Swap mentions to X throughout.

    Clients are now asking to have this updated on their sites.

  • Add tiktok as a social account type within Theme Options.

  • Have the same right-click menu in the navigator that exists in the builder.

    For example, right clicking on a wrap within the builder gives:

    Right clicking on the same wrap in the navigator misses out "Copy style, Paste style, Reset style and Save as preset"... but it does have "Duplicate"

    Could they both show the same items for a consistent experience?

  • It would be great, if there was an easy option to activate that the social icons in the footer will automatically open in a NEW tab!

  • edited September 2023

    Please add possibility to configure Under Construction mode to enable API connections while mode is on.

  • With fancy heading you can not change the hyperlink color in content. Please add that option to your next update.

  • Request to have the option to add a text like "We are processing your order, please wait patiently" in addition to the checkout loader icon.

  • There does not seem to be an easy way to convert a wrap to a global wrap in the same way as a whole section. Can that please be added so we don't have to rebuild wraps from scratch directly in the template?

  • When on a new, blank page and you click on the "Import/Export" icon; default to the "Import" tab - as it is more likely you want to "import" something, than export a blank page.

  • Create the option for adding a seo title, meta description and keywords on a Catergory template. Discussed here:

  • Allow a specific image size to be selected for "Sliding Box" and other similar items.

  • Allow custom visibility for responsive "hide under"/"show under" on Section.

    The option is available for everything else, just not a section.



  • Please have templates support individual global elements. Such a pain, time and $$ hit to have to touch each for an element used in many locations.

    Thank you for your consideration

  • I use mansory tiles for my blog, the problem is that clicking to enter the individual article is only possible if I click on the article name. This to me is a serious mistake, I need to be able to click the entire box, including the preview image. So it is difficult to navigate especially if I decide to use titles with smaller fonts.

  • Integrate with Gravity Forms and their new theme to allow for theme colours to be used in the form fields/buttons.

  • filtering shop/product query by tag, atributes etc.

  • Add "Tiktok" to BeTheme icons (to save loading FontAwesome for just one icon)

  • Please add an option in Theme options to disable the "pop-up" box that opens when we click on the user icon in the header. By disabling it, clicking on the user icon would lead directly to the account page.

  • I could really use a recipe option to insert recipes google recognises like WP recipe maker etc. If you could add something like that it would be great!

  • As requested I added this enhancement based on also to this thread

    Enhancement: New option to enable/disable generation of IDs for headers

    When writing larger blog posts I automatically use a lot of headers. And I like to link to these headers either from within the blog post or outside. In the past, I used two methods to achieve that.

    1. I added "<a name="my-name"></a>" manually after the header element
    2. I added an id to the header element like this: <h2 class="wp-block-heading" id="my-name">My Name</h2>

    For newer posts, I use method 2. It's simpler and works with current browsers. However, it's cumbersome and I'd like to have a method which does that automatically. I have not found a plugin for this, but the following post describes exactly what I need:

    However, this methods requires extending functions.php. I have not tried if it works. Even if it does it's not optimal since the functions.php will be overwritten with the next Be Theme update.

    Therefore, I ask, if it would be possible to provide such an "Generate ID in headers" option in a coming Be Theme version.

    Thanks a lot.

  • I am totally missing the following two things, helping expert users or agencys to use Betheme in their automated CI/CD setup:

    Support for Composer (PHP Composer, not Visual Composer) setups

    I am using a Composer-ready WordPress boilerplate (based on for all of my websites I build for my customers. This allows me to retrieve public WordPress plugins via or a clean WordPress (without default themes) from The main advantage is that you don't need to commit all of those files to the Git repository, but just use Composer capabilities for deployments, installations or updates of WP, plugins etc.

    Now, back to Betheme: I and hopefully more users would love to have Betheme Composer-ready. This means: Muffingroup would provide a private Composer repository where you can e.g. use your Envato username and purchase code as Basic Auth protection (this should not be bound to the support period). There are many ways how to build private Composer repositories: A basic one could be created using Satis ( as I do as well, for my private plugins and a lot more.

    Support for WP-CLI

    As you can guess, my website setups are as automated as they can be. In order to each the next level, I would love to have WP-CLI support for Betheme, for the following features:

    • License registration and de-registration
    • Plugins shared with Betheme: installation, updates and activation
    • Import/Export/Reset settings
    • Regenerate "Local CSS" files
    • Regenerate "Local Fonts"
    • Delete BeBuilder history entries
    • Regenerate Thumbnails
    • Analyze Builder content
    • Assign new "Laptop Breakpoint"
    • + More tools that might come in the future
  • First of all, I'm sorry for the bad English, as I used Google Translate.

    I own a website development company, and I have always used BeBuilder.

    However, with each passing day, it becomes more difficult to use it due to customer demands to create custom fields and custom posts.

    We use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) or JetEngine to develop this. However, BeBuilder does not offer integration with either. This has meant that we are increasingly forced to use Elementor Pro (which supports both).

    I suggest that you offer integration for one of these two plugins, otherwise you run the risk of starting to lose a large number of users.

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