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License key verification

We do not store any license keys, it is for verification purpose only if support expired

Where can I find my purchase code?


  • That's great thanks for the rapid response. :-) Easy when you know how !
  • Spent 2 hrs trying to implement Albert's code #Top_bar .search_wrapper input[type="text"] { color: #000 !important; } + other suggested solutions with no luck. Finally found John's code which works fine !
  • OK, I've ended up using the sidebar as too complicated to style sub sub dropdowns etc.(
  • The question was how to change the TITLE size, not the content
  • Sure, I wasn't sure about the URL posting protocol:
  • I did as you suggested and found that it doesn't work in my html, but it does in yours because of the target=blank attribute.  I guessed that the script was not wrapping correctly in my original version, so since I didn't want the page to open in a …
  • That's great thanks. In the meantime I set it up as pop ups nested in tabs which works well I think, even on mobile. Some people advise not to use pop ups in case companies have disabled them. Can I ask your view on this ?
  • So when I edit the Offer Slider Thumb item I have Category, Style, Text align, and the box relating to category has the default value All. Normally when you click this I should see a list of the categories I have created, but none appear. If however…
  • Hi Pablo, would appreciate your prompt help with this. I have a web design agency with 14 licences with you, and work on this site is being held up until we can fix this. With thanks in advance, G Tate
  • I've done that and no change, the Offer Slider Thumb item doesn't show the category I created and doesn't work. If I use the Slider item however it shows the categories and works fine. Whilst I have your attention, do you have a feature where you ha…
  • The top of the address box is also cut off by the box expanding vertically. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Quite honestly I don't expect to get fobbed off with a link to some page which isn't at all helpful. When I first started using …
  • Hi, It looks great ??? Look at screen shot There is too much blue space to left, and only enough space for 1 or 2 words per line. As a result the box is long and thin, and overlaps the bottom of the map. Could you ple…
  • OK now working, not sure what happened there !
  • That's it. I've cleared browsing history, cookies and other  data,  and  cached images and  files for the last week. Still not working. I haven't used any custom css that would affect this, and am using version 21.3.1.
  • I tried that before, and it didn't work, Have tried again and still doesn't work: * test see top page   
  • Not very helpful to be honest. I'm a web developer and have been using your theme for my customers for some years now, and have received great support in the past, so rather disappointing response. I have used standard html   but that didn't work. I…
  • With previous version of BeTheme I was able to choose Content or Builder code in Visual mode, and then switch to text mode so I could copy and paste into muffin builder. A very useful feature if you've forgotten the exact code. So for instance if I …
  • OK I found the error, here was a missing </strong> in the * <strong></strong> code. Can I suggest that it would be more helpful to tell people to look for an error in their coding in the Muffin builder rather than using Firefox …
  • I run a small web design agency and have been dealing with you for 3.5 years and have been introducing new customers to your theme and now have 11 licences. I getting better at using the theme so haven't had to use support recently, but in the past …
  • Great thanks. :-)
  • OK I've found the problem, I'd made a typo for custom id "full=width" instead of full-width which was negating the medina id. Now working fine though would have been nice to have the link going to the actual image rather than the general s…
  • BTW I think when you said "You also need to add a scroll class" (.scroll {}) you might have meant a scroll id #scroll {} ?
  • I'm linking to an image in Muffin builder. I'm confused as you've asked me to add a scroll class, which a simple html link doesn't require ? My html link takes me to the page, but not to the image section item. Tha…
  • Thanks for speedy response as ever, great support   :-) I've added the link and filled the ID field, but how do I add a scroll class please ? 
  • I'm also having a problem here. I want to create a text link from my page content  <a href=""> and need to set the anchor tag for the photo on the cityscapes page <a name="med…
  • That's done the trick, thanks. :-)
  • Just to let you know I inserted script for telephone into header.php which works fine, and Google support set up email tracking independently and didn't insert script into header.php :-)
  • Bit confusing as here you are saying use the  includes/header-top-area.php file, but in your  Feb 2016 answer you give different file i.e. header.php: muffingroup February 2016There is 2 files responsible for header: header.php and includes/header-t…
  • Thank you for your answer, helpful and efficient as ever :-)
bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü