Your suggestions for future updates!!!



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    My suggestions for new demo, is Be-furniture with woocommerce demo... and integrate with whcms in Be-Hosting demo please.

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    As BeTheme allows you to 'in a w ay' create multiple sites in a single installation, allowing you to have different menus, styles and layouts per page I would like to suggest that you also allow these following adjustments.

    Allow for no menu or to beable to remove the search bar and or dropdown menu on each page and not just remove it over all.

    Some pages we might want it on and others may no have any need for it.

    Also same with the footer: It would be nice to beable to include your footer settings into your layout options, so that you can chose to remove the footer or change the footer per layout.

    I am creating a network / all in one networked website and some pages / sections on my site I want them to look completely different from others, I am going to allow people to start selling items on my website soon and I want them to feel asif they have their own shop in my network, I don't want my footer in their site however I do want to make all products aviliable to the whole shop and to have general blog posts in a central blog aswell as having individual blogs per page / section.

    If I have not explained myself clearly please reply and I'll try again.
  • Ability to turn off the count down timer on the coming soon page.
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    I really love your theme, but I have a small suggestion .
    In the mobile view there is much room to the right and left. The people I've spoken to seem much space is wasted .
    If it were possible on mobile devices is better exploited space think it would be a big improvement.

    Thank you very much .
  • I think it has already been said but it would be really nice there was a demo inspired by a magazine with color based on the categories menu and other features that we find in webzines actually : )
  • What Lave-vaiselle said!!! New and better magazine/news options!!! :-)
  • Hello Muffin,

    here's my suggestion for a future update:
    on the pages settings it is possible to chose a custom menu and to have a nice onepage scroll effect, while it isn't possible on the portfolio pages...
    Now, on my point of view it'd be much more useful to have this option the other way around! (well, i wouldn't remove it from pages, actually, but i'd rather add it on portfolio pages).
    In fact I would very much love it if each portfolio item could be kind of an indipendet world (different colours, different menu, and other features) because in my activity it is highly important to have somekind of highlight on the progects, and to make the rest of the site very simple.

    thank you so much for your attention, and good work! (anyways, all is improvable, but i love your wp theme!)
  • Hi!

    Contact Form 7 Looks beautiful on the site. But It would be awesome if you guys  made css files for GravityForms which is an extremely popular Form Plugin that can handle many more functions than Contact Form 7. 

    Thanks for your awesome work! Keep it up!
  • Add styling for widgets. More styling options. More options for header/sticky header...
  • A better gallery solution other than the default WP Gallery. Current gallery method is very cumbersome, not user friendly and doesn't end up looking nice. 
  • Just a friendly heads up. 

    Keep the online documentation up to date. I see that many times you add a feature to the theme but you don't update the documentation regarding that feature. For example the Pricing Item Shortcode in version 8.4 is as follows:

    [pricing_item image="" title="" currency="" price="" period="" subtitle="" link_title="" link="" target="" icon="" featured="0" style="box" animate=""]
    <li><strong>List</strong> item</li>

    However in the documentation it only explains this: 

    [pricing_item image="" title="Standard" currency="$" price="39" period="monthly" subtitle="" link_title="" link="#" featured="1" style="box"]
            <li><strong>List</strong> item</li>

    leaving out what are the options for "animate". 
  • @djedwinsan Sorry for this. Of course we'll update this soon. If you want to know what animations are available, you can take a look at

  • add more styling options for portfolio page, especially with the grid of 4 columns.
  • Please add option so that I can choose different "layouts" for single posts just like I can choose different layouts for pages.
  • A video only portfolio item which can be set as a lightbox only option. I don't want a separate page for each video in my portfolio, just to click and it play in a lightbox.

  • The ability to remove the basket / search and or secondary menu on any layout.

    Some layouts it looks good on but when you make new layouts you either have to remove the menu for the whole site or put up with it on pages that it's not needed on.

    For example if you want a shop but on say contact pages or blog pages you don't want the basket showing, there is only 2 or 3 headers you can use to remove the basket, can't you make this an option on the layouts page instead the muffin administration panel?

    Could be much help to multi site users.
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    1.Yes Thank you for new update
    all about image please give option to Images alternative text
    because so important for SEO

    2. Request wyswg editor in muffin builder

    3. Compatible Live composer please please please

    Thank you
  • Be able to activate Javascript on the coming soon page (useful to add a newsletter field on it or contact form).
  • Hi all.

    I wonder if it could be possible for you to add a meetup social link.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Make Muffinbuilder an Actual visual builder like visual composer where you can see placed images and text, not only the blocks..
  • Shortcodes are nice but very frustrating and time consuming.  True visual editor is what makes Enfold the theme of choice...sorry guys
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    You know, you made a space for sticky top bar when there is #wpadminbar.
    Well, when using visual composer on frontend editor mode there is still a space top of sticky top bar but #wpadminbar is set to display:none by visual composer.

    if change this line in scripts.js:

    $('#Top_bar').addClass('is-sticky').css('top', -60).animate({'top': $('#wpadminbar').innerHeight()}, 300);

    with this:

    if (!$("body").hasClass("vc_editor"))
    $('#Top_bar').addClass('is-sticky').css('top', -60).animate({'top': $('#wpadminbar').innerHeight()}, 300);
    $('#Top_bar').addClass('is-sticky').css('top', -60).animate({'top': "0"}, 300);

    That would fix the problem. Can you please do this on next update?

    edit: because of visual composer uses iframe when making #wpadmin > display:none;
    jquery still gets $('#wpadminbar').innerHeight() and can't check if there is #vc_navbar (visual composer's bar). 
    Otherwise, your code will be perfectly fine.
  • Shop (WooCommerce) > Product Page > Product Info Style

    Please allow us displaying Product info - without coding - in different way:
    Vertical AND Horizontal accordion, fixed tabs, etc.

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    If you can make it possible to key in the admin panel to disable , portfolio, posts all Post Meta Date. Here's a snapshot
  • I'd like to see a better search function in this forum!
    For example search options like "AND", "OR" and "contains all" --> according to the entered search terms on this forum.
  • It could be good to have possibility to add numbers manually in fields like "Font size", new option "Grid width" etc. Slider is not enough sensitive and it is hard to get the needed number only with it.
  • I love the «simple style» you have added, and I know you're in the middle of development of it, but I am waiting for accordion to also work on dark backgrounds with the simple style. That would be awesome!
  • option to have different slider for mobile devices

  • If you check the websites made with betheme, there are java script and css files too big, and the speed of loading site is 50% more then with any minimalist theme.

    You can check any demo of pages on google page insight etc, and you will see itself.

    and my next suggestion is:

    To make any possibility to add a fixed header, without any sidebar just like it would be nice if you make any minimalistic theme same like adwords it help us to optimize our pages with a higher rat.e

    Another suggestion is to make any demo like any big comparison website for different products, i will show you some example right now, finded some templates on templatemonster, something like that would be nice.

    Something in this direction would be nice, but if you build for comparison, must be MINIMALISTIC theme, without top qualidy headers etc, but minimal, optimized css,javascrips, cache browser on that, etc.

  • A better contact form or BOOKING MANAGER for Betheme CAR RENT theme. I want a new way to improve my "forms" with more style, and a booking form on betheme car rent.
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