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  • Suggestion:  Membership Theme.
  • Hey,

    I have separate pages for my desktop and web platform of the management solution we provide and I need to showcase different portfolio pictures of the screenshots and solutions we have, so separate filters for both platforms are needed as desktop has a different UI and Web has different UI

    But the portfolio option in muffin builder is restricted to only accepting filter when ALL categories is mentioned, Can't a parent category be used to make a specific filter for specific page.

    Please consider this and make it possible in the next update. 
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    Would be nice to add the width, height, and caption attributes when selecting add image from this area here in the builder

    Right not it auto populates this  <img class="scale-with-grid" src="#" alt="" />

    If we could add this    <img class="scale-with-grid" src="#" alt="" width="" height="" /> and the caption possibly would be cool.. Thanks

    Or just have it open the library even easier so you don't have to go find the link. If you use the image box it doesn't show up in SEO as an image on the page so having to do it this way

  • In future theme update would be great to have some more mobile settings..

    1. add a click to call button to the top of every page
    2. Ability to widen the drop down mobile menu to full width 100% of screen
    3. Easier logo settings for mobile to adjust the nav height and logo size 
    4. Alternate fly in menu form left or right maybe :)

  • Save shortcodes, page elements, etc. configurations to a library: when creating a site and wanting to maintain a consistent look throughout, I'll need to configure things like the 'Call to Action' over and over with the same settings. It would be great to be able to configure any page builder elements and save them to a library that can be called up. So, instead of having to create all the settings again, you'd simply pull up your library and select the pre-configured element you want. Also, being able to export the library for use in other sites would be fab.
  • As well as the ability to hide columns based on device, can this facility be added at row level? Also, in 'Custom CSS', it would be great to have a 'Master' box for all screen sizes, then boxes to add different CSS for the various device sizes. At the moment I have to add the various media queries to the Custom CSS box. It's not a deal breaker, but it would be a really nice feature.
  • Having to manually insert links is a real pain. Is the ability to search/browse content then select the appropriate link (like the CTA box in Visual Composer) going to be added?
  • I've noticed that BeTheme still have no style for the "woocommerce/my-account" page and that is something that many themes offers lately and make a woocommerce shop much more "professional" and makes everything looks a lot less "standard". It's common to see tabs on the left side dividing the various functionalities of the page.

    In my opinion BeTheme is superior to the vast majority of other themes and it's a shame that lacks of this small refinement. I'd be nice to see it implemented.
  • Hi. I'd love it if you created a Bank demo page! :) There's hardly anything to choose from in this sector on TF.
  • I think it would be very important and nice if betheme auto include the entry-thumbnail or subheader-image in facebook-header-tags to improve the manual upload to social networks. Facebook can't auto find the used images in content section and so we don't have only the logo to select.

    In addition the entry-thumbnail would be great to auto use in subheader if the subheader-input-field is empty.
  • Please add demo contents on SHOP / E COMMERCE 
  • Would be cool to have stand alone demo imports as individual templates.  I often find my self using parts of 3-4 different demos in one build out.  

    Maybe Be could start providing demo templates that include the demo's page builders export along with an html element that includes any custom css along with notes about that particular page?
  • More video instruction and searchable demos, so when I am working with clients, I can find my demo easy, and an easier way to update the themes.
  • I really miss the ability to sort the blog module and blog slider ascending instead of descending
  • Like pingram3541 mentioned:
    it would be cool to have the demo contents in a "stand alone" package instead of the import option. So you can have a look in each demo content and only use few items instead of whole demo.
  • mega menu documentation!
  • Hi,

    It would be really great if the Templates posttype would work as a dynamic template and not as a static piece of content that you insert in the Muffin builder.

    So, when you update a Template, all the content will be updated where the Template element is inserted.

    Simular functionality as the Templetera plugin for Visual Composer works.

    It some websites this template feature (as Templetera for VC works) forces me to use VC instead of Muffin Builder.
    In websites where you have a lot of different CTA sections that change content based on incentives or discounts, you need to manually edit all pages where these CTA's are present when using Muffin Builder. Very time consuming as you can imagine.

    So i hope a Templetera alike functionality is something for the near future.

    The Muffin Builder 3 is a big step forward! Thanks!

  • Suggestion: add classes and id to wraps.

    Thank you! :)
  • Suggestion/Request : "Portfolio Photo" like box


    First of all thx for the great theme.

    I really like the way that "portfolio photo" is displayed but it's not at all flexible as the other photos items in Muffin.

    So id like a new photo box with exactly the same design and interaction as the "portfolio photo". Where i could edit within the item, the title, the image, the under title, the link, the animation and the "read more" text.



  • simplyfied update procedure of theme and plugins
  • activecontent  mentioned and I believe I've mentioned before as well, can we add a new muffin builder item that simply includes a muffin post-type "Template" so we can use templates dynamically through our site?

    Maybe add a class and id option to the Template builder element for one-off overides of the dynamic content too.


    Oh, also, can you please update the documentation where each builder element is explained in detail but missing the actual shortcode context for the shortcode attributes.  For example, I can add an image shortcode but for the attribute such as: animate="" how does one know what all the available animations are and the proper way to write them, for example is it fadeleft, fade-left, or fade left?
  • Hello, I think its important do one demo for FOOTBALL TEAM.

  • Hi, i'd like you add:
    automatic updates to the theme, that we don't have to compare files when we changed them.
    the option of tabs insted of accordion for the description and reviews of the products.
    the option of a banner for each cathegory of the products, and a search box beneath.
    smaller thumbnails for related products
    Thanks for take in account our suggestions

  • Best theme! In future updates I would like to see more than the industrial (concrete, water, electricity company) and bank. Happy Halloween!
  • I´d like to ask you to add some more options for some elements in Muffin Builder.
    Somehow I end up taking forever to build the site I´m working on atm.. but slowly get the hang of it. 
    I still have to code a lot myself, more than I would have expected from what betheme promised to offer. :-\"

    Would be nice if you added the visual wp editor in the elements. For example right now I am building an accordion and code an ul (bullet list) inside it.
    I´d also like to place images in the accordion and it´s a little annoying. It´s like writing a page in notepad like 20 years ago lol. But even less comfortable because of unscalable size of the elements in the popup.
    That would also be nice in tab-function and faq elements.

    Also why there is option for animation on some elements only? perhaps i lack knowledge and it´s not possible but it would be nice to have those options on all elements if possible.

    sorry unfortunately i am not too much of a coder tho i´m able to do simple things... overall i am pleased and grateful for what i got for my money - your effort ;-) -

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    I've noticed as version 10.3, I no longer have to manually hack the core theme files with each upgrade due to my wp-content directory having been renamed for security purposes.

    I originally addressed this issue here:

    This is very pleasing change. Thank you for resolving the matter.

  • Hi there,

    LOVE all of your theme demos. You have covered so much! 

    Would it be possible to do a DEMO of a Listing Directory? FOR E.G

    We need a place where customers can add their own listings!

    Any advice or a new Classified Demo or Listing Directory would be great!

    Thank you!
  • Hopefully a quick one.  I couldn't find a way to enable top vs bottom social icons, if one is enable, so is the other?  Just curious if I'm wrong, someone please jump in, otherwise it would be cool to have a check box to enable/disable header vs footer icons and vice versa.  For now I use css to hide one or the other.  Thanks again for such a great theme!
  • I would love to see a "Community" Betheme demo - maybe something that showcases features available in Buddypress or even just with layout that showcases a community news and events site.

    Also, a demo for a members site would be great!
  • Important for validator and seo. Can you add to all shortcodex, widgets and other functions how images are used an alt-tag which will be the image title or the alt-title of wordpress input. This would help all sites which use the nice betheme.
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