Your suggestions for future updates!!!



  • permalink update to update everywhere....theme options...muffin builder...

    right now it is not updating at is frustrating having to change everything one by one when updating URL ( eg: demo to live )

    A button to reset and empty the theme to start from scratch without reinstalling everything. Trying different pre-made pages leave a lot of garbage in the server, so it would be good to just RESET BeTheme
  • Please Add Photo Album and Gallery in future update.
    For example:
  • Hi
    Please add feature to add icons to the menu and sub-menu.

    thank you
  • @hadiomid This feature is already included. More details about this possibility you can read on
  • Disable-Faeture for h1 in Subheader

    A button to reset and empty the theme to start from scratch without reinstalling everything. Trying different pre-made pages leave a lot of garbage in the server, so it would be good to just RESET BeTheme"

    I really love this feature as well, as a beginner I do a lot of testing to check how the theme works, I am sure many are in the same boat as well, with reset option we can always remove the mess and start off fresh easily, right now I have to delete everything one by one, which is a pain to be honest, Reset button would make the process much more easier, but it should be digged deep down in options panel so that no one can use it by mistake and wipe out their site for bad. 

    Thank you 
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    wyswg editor in muffin builder would be great,  if possible of course. 
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    Pls make Layout Window PVC website.
    Kind regards
  • @chakru Check "Visual Editor" then because WYSIWYG is already included into Muffin Builder.
  • An "other" category for post type template options.  At the MINIMUM, when someone creates a new post type, let there be a catch-all option that sets the formatting options.  Ideally, one for each option type would be best, but for 90% probably one single option for everything else would be enough.

    Secondly, make page-specific sidebar settings overwrite the template settings.  Control priority should be precise overwrites general, with the sidebar as it is, the broadest setting overwrites specific settings done on individual pages, this doesn't make sense.
  • I know this has probably been suggested many times but column offsets would be very convenient in muffin builder so we don't have to mess w/ css. Oh and thanks for adding some of my previous suggestions, I love the builder import append/prepend ability and also the templating we have now =)
  • Hi !
    Thanks for this amazing theme
    I'd love to see a testimonial box tool in visual composer in the following updates.. 
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    Use of a betheme "template" for the site footer would be an awesome option in the footer theme options panel (site wide setting).  This could be an additional option inside the current drop down that lets you define the number of widget areas, such as "choose a template" and once chosen reveals another drop down list to provide you with a list of templates to choose for use as footer output.

    To extend this you could allow different footer version's across the site you can add this to both "layouts" and "page" theme options as individual override of chosen template or site wide choice of footer widget areas.
  • Hi,

    Using Magnific Popup as the standard for opening images, html and video (or the option to choose between PrettyPhoto and Magnific). Magnific is simple, clean and works perfect in responsive viewports.

    PrettyPhoto is a disaster when it comes to responsive viewports.


  • Save shortcodes, page elements, etc. configurations to a library: when creating a site and wanting to maintain a consistent look throughout, I'll need to configure things like the 'Call to Action' over and over with the same settings. It would be great to be able to configure any page builder elements and save them to a library that can be called up. So, instead of having to create all the settings again, you'd simply pull up your library and select the pre-configured element you want. Also, being able to export the library for use in other sites would be fab.
  • you know what..
    adding google's Early access fonts will be a huge service for those who are using RTL or foreign languages ..
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    Like it and dislike it buttons for the post, page and comments instead the love button.

    The searchbutton and category are minimized. Is there are possibility to maximize it?
  • Hi,

    Would be nice if you add a "GRID" blog option. Now you have List, Masonry and Timeline. I would like the blog in GRID style, that can be used in 2 columns and images stay in the same line. Hope you like this idea and you add this in the next updates?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Martynas Palaima
  • There is many theme with a time delay setting box for the animation. It would be great to add it to Be Theme so we can have some nice animation when you ve got many items with animations like with icon boxes for example ...

  • You should definitely work more on the shop layout and options. Although I LOVE betheme, I'm going with a different theme, cause of the limitations it has regarding layout and options.

    For i.e. I really hate the accordion option for description! It should either more simpler or with more options.

    Thanks for listening...

    Kind Regards,
  • Please, add a better way to access theme options from the dashboard, like this:


    It wil also be very nice to have an icon modal window to get icon classes to copy from.

  • please add a button that can modify the size of each sidebar indepedently
  • The woocommerce and buddypress options are very limited, for example I have tried editing the activity and profile pages and the additions do not affect or edit the page, nore can you change the page titles in buddypress

    I have noticed with other themes you can play with buddypress pages not with BeTheme.

    Also the product page would be great if you would have more options to edit the look and feel or each product page.

    When creating a multi site that have more than one shop is great until you come to the product ts and checkout pages.
    They all look the same and to you lose the unique feel that BeTheme offeres.

    Also it would be nice to add footer options to the layout pages so you can chose to either have a footer or not, or have a completely different footer for different pages.
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    It would be nice to have more filter options for the portfolio site for example: autor filter option.
    and more options to disable Theme Funktions like the google webfonts.

  • Request Drop Down Menu in sidebar
    You could develop a specific topic to games. I think this topic is quite inspirational. And I'm sure with the Betheme system you would be able to develop one.
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